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  • mouthy

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Have a look at that

  • mouthy

    OOPs I goofed ! I meant for the Oldies at Brooklyn to have a look at Bikerchics suggestion ....

  • teejay

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Mouthy said "pussy"!!! :-O

  • apple829
    Besides, wearing pants to religious meeting is disrespectful, IMO. I passed a church the other day and saw men and women dressed as if they were going to the bowling alley. Even though I'm not a believer, I think a certain decorum should be used when going to ANY house of worship.

    Many, churches today are going to relaxed "dress codes" and contemporary worship services supposedly to entice young people and "back sliders" into church. I, too, am of the opinion that a certain amount of decorum should be exercised, but isn't there a scripture or something that says "Come as you are"?


  • unique1
    "Come as you are"?

    That's Nirvana you are thinking about .

  • Special K
    Special K

    Well they'll never know who is wearing a thong under that skirt.

    Next thing they'll be looking to make sure you have panty lines..

    and they'll be asking if you have a "thong" on.

    THONGS.. Thats the way to go.


    Special K

  • obiwan

    She said the reason why women do not wear skirts to the meetings is that newcomers to the halls may get confused as to who has the headship in the congregation and may think that women have an authoritive position. LOL

    Well they'll never know who is wearing a thong under that skirt.

    If the women in the congregation wore shorter skirts with a thong, then you would find out where the headship really is!

  • sxybrwneyes

    I never really liked wearing skirts and still dont but every once in a while I will. I have a job where I have to look somewhat professional, but I refuse to wear hose. Even when I was going to the KH I rarely ever wore hose. I guess I was kind of a rebel. I wasn't going to look like some kind of amish freak!

  • waiting

    We had frigid winters in Indiana sometimes (I know....not as bad as yours, but bad enough). No pants. But long skirts & coats were in style........and we wore those pantyhose-kinda-leggings that looked like knee-socks with high boots. They were great and warm. In fact, I knew sisters who wore ski-pants under their long skirts with high boots. Unless she was dumb enough to tell someone, nobody knew.

    Down in SC? Pantyhose hot and sticky. Our elders were/are very provincial - sisters wore hose to show proper respect for The Work. Didn't like to see no bare toes. Jerks.

    One sister was so cute at our book study. She was heavy & had many physical problems. One week she wore nice, new, totally white (conservative) tennis shoes with cute little white ankle socks with a long skirt & white blouse. Several sisters complimented her, as you could tell she was trying. Well, the next week she told me that an elder *suggested* she not wear that outfit again. It wasn't appropriate for a Bible Book Study Meeting held in a converted garage.

    There were sooooooooo many stupid rules.


  • Swan
    Well they'll never know who is wearing a thong under that skirt.

    They'll never know what frilly lace undies some men are wearing under their suits either.


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