Either God’s non-existence or His majesty

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  • Confusedalot


    I agree with you points. If we dont accept hearsay, how can we form an idea of how, what, who god is?

    Yet people using theories (like the cosmos exist, thus god exists), build views on his existence, abilities, personality, how he acts, what he likes and doesn't like etc. They can even end up deciding if he is christian, muslim etc. They can even end up judging others for their beliefs or lack there of.

    Sorry to say that it feels like filling the gap with imagination, not facts. And too big of a leap.

  • venus


    You are asking “Has God ever told anyone that he created the world but prefers to be AWOL because he gave man free will to run things himself? … I think it would be nice to hear what the situation is directly from God himself.”

    Whenever a particular thief steals, he steals only from the rich, and this is his history consistently. In this case, he doesn’t have to tell us that he doesn’t want to rob the poor even though ‘it would be nice to hear what the situation is directly from thief himself.’

    Similarly, God has never intervened in the History, thus He doesn’t have to tell us that he doesn’t want to intervene in the affairs of mankind even though “it would be nice to hear what the situation is directly from God himself.”

  • Giordano

    Well this is pretty murky reasoning and it sounds a lot like the dogma of Christian Science, Scientology and Jehovah's Witnesses in that it functions off of the premise of "I believe".

    "to have a firm or wholehearted religious conviction or persuasion :to regard the existence of God as a fact https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/believe

    In the True Believer.....Eric Hoffer counters this notion with this statement "It is startling to realize how much unbelief is necessary to make belief possible."

    I think we are reading about a point of view which is totally based on "I BELIEVE" yet offers nothing more then conjecture. Unfortunately The Bible's history offers little or no help.

    As John Shelby Spong a retired Episcopal Bishop says in his book The Sin of Scripture how can God be saddled with the motivations of authors warped by "the tribal and sexist prejudices of that ancient time".

    Because god is silent we are left with disappointing interpretations of that silence that turn into religious beliefs some foul a few fair.

    Those who believe in a god join the billions living and those dead who believed. Those who couldn't care if a god exists are rejecting ignorance that has been generated by belief.

  • venus


    You rightly said "god is silent."

    Why is He silent? God doesn’t have to speak to us through a medium (person/scriptures) because lessons are plenty in the universe. For example, flower teaches to be beautiful and fragrant in all our action. Water teaches us to be soft and yielding, and be firm and unyielding when situation calls for because it takes the form of its container (it becomes cup in a cup) which means ‘be fully involved in the now’) yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass water. When the sun comes daily illuminating and empowering all living beings, it teaches us to act in such a way that others get illuminated and empowered. When others’ action makes me happy/unhappy, it tells me how I should act towards others. There is a soft voice within me telling always what is beneficial and wasteful…. Lessons go on and on.

    That means God would be a non-interventionist! God did not tell the Germans to go for re-union when the separation was not working, but they simply did it. It means it is possible for others such as Pakistan & India, S. Korean & N Korean, and then for the whole world. But the obstacle is ego (individual and collective) which is the easiest thing in the world to destroy because ego is just a thought that dies when it is no longer nurtured. There is great beauty in allowing man to run his affairs unhindered. Let him learn from experiences. If he refuses to learn, let him continue to refuse till he feels saturated with his refusal.

  • deegee


    god is silent

    - He does not speak to anyone

    - He is not involved in the actions/lives of men

    so how can we prove that he exists?

    lessons are plenty in the universe

    If we assume that God exists and that his nature can be determined from an observation of the natural world then what do animals who engage in necrophilia, murder, cannibalism and a myriad of other horrific acts tell us about God's nature?

  • venus

    I have no answer for that.

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