How much do you think the internet has hurt JW growth?

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  • jookbeard

    Half Banana ; love that experience, that sour face old hag was probably a real "foot in the door" merchant back in the day, did you get the chance to explain to her that the very organisation you are representing trying distribute for have embraced the "internet" in a way that would have seemed unthinkable a short time ago? and the fact you would have been forced to purchase an electronic device too.

  • LV101

    jookbeard - LOLOLOLOL! Thanks for the laugh. Reminds me of an old time witness about 50 yrs. ago!

    Late 60s a couple of older ladies (seemed dressed for a funeral and odd) would come by on Saturday and I'd give them the quarter or whatever just to get rid of them. They must have counted lots of time because we were miles away from the city - way out in the agricultural area. My mother told me go outside and just give them the money and be done with it. I'd run back into the house and she must have thrown the mags away. She couldn't stand the religion -- had an aunt that was a die hard who would drag she and her siblings to the hall when she could. The aunt and her mother (my grandmother) argued/fought about religion all the time.

    What a cult!

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