How much do you think the internet has hurt JW growth?

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  • mrmagic

    Can tell you from my own personal experience that the Internet helped me leave as soon as I became a fully grown adult. Had already made up my mind as young as 14 years of age, but the Internet certainly helped a lot.

    Also, I've helped Police Detectives catch JW pedophile elders, educated and warned thousands of community residents, educated and warned attorneys, government officials about the JW child sex abuse problem via the Internet. Mass emails that reached over 15,000 people just this year alone are because of the Internet.

    So yes, the Internet is a huge nightmare for "Jehovah". Internet=Armageddon.

  • flipper

    PETE- Very well handled by you talking with that JW lady. Isn't it amazing how they just turn off their minds at the hint or sniff of anybody saying that the WT Society might be wrong or mistaken ? They are just like programmed robots- " does not compute, does not compute " - then she walks away . Amazing how the power of mind control and indoctrination is alive and well inside JW's brains and their organization. Good job at trying to crack through it though- she won't forget what you told her. It will be simmering around in her mind like a percolating kettle on the stove ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • freddo


    What an excellent use of the internet! Please tell us more of how you get your anti JW message out there.


    I always love your posts. That JW lady cannot fail to have your truthful experiences and what you said lodge in her brain.

    ... ... ...

    In general terms the internet is also hollowing out JW's from the inside. Those that only get a glimpse of anti JW stuff, those that quietly research, those that doubt but feel unable to say anything at all and those "in for family" will vote - even if only subconsciously - with their wallets and their feet.

    Armageddon never comes; The old school baptised pre -1975 stalwarts age, get sick and die; Peace and Security never comes; The King of the North has disappeared and the spoutings of the GB appear more manipulative, money and property focussed and inaccurate.

    This is why meeting attendances and "door-to-door" are down, weekends away are up, lethargy and anxiety are on the increase and treading water is common.

    Yay for the internet!

  • LongHairGal


    That was a great exchange you had with that cart Witness. She knew what you were telling her was true but didn't want to believe it.

    I can definitely say the Internet helped me. It validated all the things I felt but couldn't discuss with anybody. It made me feel I was not alone in how I felt. The only things new I learned were the UN scandal and the extent of the pedophilia scandal. Up until that point I was led to believe this problem was "rare".

    I am also thankful I resisted Witnesses trying to get me to quit my full time job to "pioneer". I am retired now.

    The Internet also allows people to communicate with and associate with people all over the world in the privacy of their home. The Witness religion is a religion that thought it possessed the ability to isolate and "punish" people. The Internet took that away from them.

    People in the religion who refuse to look at the Internet nowadays are in a self-imposed isolation.

  • Finkelstein

    What the inter-net is exposing about the JWS and the Watchtower Corporation is that its a lying, manipulative, exploitative and corrupt religious publishing house.

    and that is The Truth

  • slimboyfat

    In a congregation I know it seems there's a whole generation who came in, mainly during the 1970s, who either didn't have children, or their children left JWs.

    There's a couple in their 50s who never had children.

    There's a couple in their 60s who had two daughters, neither got baptised, they have a few grandchildren now who've only once or twice been inside a KH.

    There's a sister who adopted two children, neither was baptised, neither attend.

    There's a sister in her 60s, her son was never bapsited, her daughter is an active JW, and she has 5 children all still attending (this is the most successful JW family in the congregation in terms of retention)

    Another sister in her 70s has three sons, only one attended as an adult, never baptised, no longer attends, various grandchildren only been to KH occasionally.

    Another sister in her 60s, had one daughter, was baptised, now inactive.

    Another sister in her 60s, two daughters, one baptised then disfellowshipped, other daughter never baptised, never attends.

    Another couple in their 60s never had children.

    Another sister in her 60s had one son, never baptised, never attends (never even seen him)

    One couple in their 60s had one daughter who is baptised and active.

    Another couple in their 40s have no children.

    Another couple in their 50s have no children.

    Another sister in her 80s had three step children, one got baptised, disfellowshipped and later died. The rest never got baptised.

    One brother in his 60s had three children with non-JW wife, none ever came to KH.

    One couple in their 60s look after a grandchild who comes to KH occasionally, never baptised.

    Another couple in their 60s had a son and daughter, neither got baptised, neither attend.

    There's a whole generation of children who simply never became JWs. As the 1970s believers get older, there's literally no one ready to replace them.

  • Zyron

    I think it's had a big impact, if not on growth then definitely on the zeal. ( A truly JW word, where have you ever heard the word zeal?).

    I read CoC in secret around 2000, that was as a result of the Internet, and confirmed what I already believed. The GB have no direct line to God. The JWs is just another man made religion and the Internet has exposed it as such.

    Potential joiners will check the Internet as they do for any purchase large or small. The JWs are no exception. My wife and another sister studied with a woman making good progress who stopped the study abruptly. She checked out JWs on the Internet, didn't like what she found so stopped the study.

    I'm sure this is the case for a lot of people in the West who have no association with JWs through family connections.

    The internet has helped create a community of ex believers in JW doctrine.

  • Finkelstein

    Strictly taken from hearsay from my brother and sister that are still in, it appears that many of the baby boomers JWS who had children, a vast majority left the religion over the years for various reasons.

    Maybe they started to realize the commercialized scam afoot with the WTS.

    Say that would include me from the 1980's

  • Zyron

    Agree with you on that. We are the generation that wasn't meant to leave school, but build careers with the organisation.

    We now approach retirement, for those of us who disobeyed at least we have a pension or retirement savings. The dream of frolicking with lions and tigers and building mini mansions with a stream flowing through is long dead.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Everyone has a smart phone nowadays. Curiosity gets the better of people at some point.

    Watchtower needs to own up to their errors over the years, make the necessary changes and end the controversies that plague the organisation.

    Otherwise they will continue to hemorrhage members.

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