JT & Lady Cee Why we left the Jehovah's Witnesses - Part 2

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  • JT-LadyC
    We most certainly appreciate your feedback and are working on more experiences to share with the exjw community.
  • nmthinker
    Thank you for the video and your hard work.
  • blondie
    So will there be part 3 or a place we can go to get updates.
  • FadeToBlack
    Powerful. Beautiful. If I can get my wife to watch one video this year, this will be it.
  • Alive!

    Excellent video - I particularly liked the reminder of how we were taught that we were in a separating work, seperating the sheep from the goats - and that teaching changed overnight.

    For those who say the 'core' JW doctrines are sound......well I think believing that mere humans are doing a separating work of fellow humans using publications full of errors 'in the time of the end' is profoundly satanic....if you believe that 'satan' is the father of the lie.

    I was relieved when that 'doctrine' changed - but looking back, it was a wicked teaching. It was a soul destroying lie, causing intense anxiety to many....including me.

  • JT-LadyC
    Thanks! And yes, as our schedule permits, we are producing more videos!

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