JT & Lady Cee Why we left the Jehovah's Witnesses - Part 2

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  • StoneWall
    i think this is a really well done video and has some excellent points made and presented.
    Just one issue with it though.
    At around the 7:35-7:38 time marks on this video he states that he has told millions then probably billions of people about the generation that wouldn't pass away.
    There are very few people on this earth that have ever reached a billion people with any message (or even songs etc)
    If he gave talks in every Kingdom Hall in the world and spoke at every Assembly/Convention, the most he would reach would be between maybe 7-14 million people.
    Then add in every single person he could have possibly talked to in field service and I can grant you it would fall far short of the one Billion mark, much less Billions.
    I think he got caught up in it and said billions by mistake but the rest of what I heard in the video sounded spot on and would like to say thanks for posting it and sharing your experience(s).
  • zeb

    Call up for the Vietnam war.

    Here in Australia I was told I would be faced with prison as I could not do alternative service. But I was told to say it was my idea.

  • wannaexit

    I am happy to see you JT again. You were one of my favorite poster on previous forum when I started to figure things out back in 2002. I even called you and spoke to you personally.

    I am happy to see you and Lady C again. Excellent work you are doing.

  • JustVisting
    Stonewall, agreed. I think JT got ahead of himself. The WT org has contacted billions of people maybe.
  • JT-LadyC

    Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the video; just trying to share the things I have lived and experienced to give back to the ex-jw community!

  • JT-LadyC

    @ stonewall and @ justvisiting - just want to thank both of you for viewing the video and I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

    Stonewall mentioned that he took issue with some of the statements in regards to the generation teaching being preached to millions and billions of people. I invite you to listen to the video again (around 7 minutes) and you will note that the millions and billions that I was speaking about is related to the publishers and pioneers that have taken the preaching work to people around the world.

    We appreciate you visiting, viewing and sharing your comments.

  • Scully
    JT!!!! OMG!!! I love you and Lady Cee!! So good to hear from you!
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    Very well done JT and Lady-Cee!!!
  • out4good4

    Nice to see you out and about JT and Lady C.


    We're old buddies you and I as I remember we used to spar with apologists on belief.net and topix. I think we both started back going to school at the same time and even graduated near the same times. I think we both even hold high level IT jobs.

    During my early exit and awakening I followed your posts with great interest.


  • TD
    JT's humor was priceless. I used to love his posts here. Glad to finally see the real JT and LC.

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