JWs aren't stupid

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  • flipper

    Good point Sir 82 in your quote - " but they have this tendency to " turn off " that one little section of the brain that houses " critical thinking " . " Which is called dissociative disorder - a psychological condition and disorder once again caused by cult mind control indoctrinated into JW's neurotransmitters in their brains by the WT Society and it's leaders. Which blocks critical thinking ability

  • Crazyguy

    According to the latest Pew survey JWs are some of the least educated people in the USA so I think if someone wants to call them stupid it's ok.

  • Xanthippe

    I believed that carnivores would become vegetarians in the new system. Ridiculous when you think I've always had pet cats. Ever tried feeding vegetables to cats? Now I know they have a very short gut, they can't live on vegetable protein.

  • sparrowdown

    Many JWs are willfully and blissfully ignorant, having handed over their right to reason for themselves to seven men in America. They are also intolerant of any info that threatens their belief system (who isn't?). But, yeah stupid is as stupid does I spose, but religious indoctrination can be mighty powerful mind-altering drug that bypasses intelligence and heads straight to the R complex part of the brain, maybe that's why it's so hard trying to reason with them.

  • Diogenesister

    But what about the university educated converts? I have known some....OK one was in languages, which isn't going to automatically teach you critical thinking skills, but one was an engineer....and a competent one at that.

    Some of these so-called " scientists" have the degree but how much experience in their related field do they really have? I'd say not much, after all that's the real guage of your competence. Anyone can sit a degree course, and it also explains why the " evidence" they give is so out of date.

    Looking back most of the so-called intelligent dubs were full on Narcissists.....just couldn't accept that homo sapiens in general aren't the centre of the universe and they in particular are gonna die and get forgotten.


    JWs aren't stupid..

    JW`s give up control of their minds to the WBT$..

    That Makes Them Stupid..

    JW`s repeatedly follow WBT$ Instructions,that ruins their lives and/or kills them..

    That Makes Them Insane..

    Image result for doing the same thing over and over

  • ctrwtf

    I remember the line where if you discover a house in the middle of the woods you would assume it has a builder right?

    I guess they believe in the "junkyard tornado" theory

  • nonjwspouse

    IMHO, The JWs are all ruled by their emotions. Period. Regardless of education or intelligence, if the emotions overrule the rational mind, then they will stay mind controlled.

  • cofty

    It's not necessarily about being unintelligent but they are incredibly gullible and very superstitious.

    That is why it is vital to commit to an evidence-based, rational worldview when you leave.

  • corruptgirl

    If that statement they said is true about the "truth being simple" then that is proof that the WT is false because lord knows their run around on everything to try to make it all fit together is NOT simple, in fact it's very complicated....so much so that a regular person reading the Bible could not interpret it the same way.....so therefore false. Just saying. ...

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