Lies, Damn Lies.

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  • ozziepost

    So the Borg claims this sanctimonious drivel:

    so apparently robert hendricks the spin doctor of the wt society has been proudly telling news channels how wonderful the wt org has been during the 2 years of the pandemic, checking in with each and every member to meet their needs on a weekly basis..

    He despises the churches of Christendom, yet those places have been doing exactly what he claims is special in the borg. And they do it without being told to.


  • Lee Marsh
    Lee Marsh


    i am sorry to hear that.

    “love on their lips but none in their heart.” Sounds exactly right

  • LongHairGal


    Are you serious?🤣 I have never in my life heard of the JW religion itself offering financial assistance to anybody in need!…To my knowledge, only the churches of Christendom have any sort of real charity or assistance.

    The only thing I know about Witnesses (having experienced it) is that somebody goes around privately with an envelope and corners ‘responsible’ types to give money for whoever..Some people cornered may resent this because they got criticized for working and they may refuse..I know I NOW would and it’s just as well I’m no longer around these people!

  • BluesBrother

    I have said before, particularly in the first year of lockdown that my wife was totally forgotten by he cong. It is only because she upped and complained that she now gets occasional phone calls

    That direction to elders to keep in touch was certainly given in the beginning but did they do it? No way!

    To my mind the problem starts at the top. When I was an elder we did get told to shepherd our groups. However we had much stronger direction to put in good hours in the Ministry, so shepherding often slipped.

    Elders need to be like managers and accountable for seeing and helping their group members.

  • hoser

    I got one phone call from the group overseer in March of 2020. Since then I’ve received two texts from him around co visit time. What I have observed from zoom meetings is the elders seem to take a lot of vacations and hang out with each other in the breakout rooms after the meeting.

    It’s a club and you ain’t part of it.

  • FFGhost

    Regarding groceries, in the US, there was a government-sponsored program of distributing boxes of food in the early months of the pandemic.

    JWs were among dozens or maybe even hundreds of organizations that participated.

    Yet, believe it or not , JWs were told that these government-sponsored gift boxes were evidence of Jehovah taking care of them.

    Still not clear if the other thousands of non-JWs receiving the identical products from non-JW distribution chains were also experiencing "Jehovah's loving care".

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    2 edged sword. When the isolation started there's was a smothering daily text meeting on zoom locally. Showed a video every day, prayers. Half hour to hour and 2 on saturdays.That was the extra meetings that was squashed. If you didn't attend you got nagged at. There was no real concern on how we get by and now we get a monthly call, combination welfare check/ turn in time.

    The group leader is a somewhat dim bulb. If we really have a SHTF he will need help himself. I have told my wife to rely on neighbors if I'm not home, we have good ones.

    The food here was moldy and scarce.

    There was a real disaster locally and there haven't even been gossip stories about the aid given, no announcements asking for donations.

  • FedUpJW

    Yet, believe it or not , JWs were told that these government-sponsored gift boxes were evidence of Jehovah taking care of them.

    Kind of like this email I received less than two months ago (sent to the entire contacts list of an eldurr):

    "You can follow the link in the email and order 4 free COVID home test kits. It is nice to know that The Slave is always watching out for us. While it is a decision that each family head should make please remember that this is another way we can show our respect for life, and our obedience to The Slave."

    I wonder what the government had to do with this? I was able to get the same exact home test kits across the counter at the local pharmacy, and was told to feel free to take as many as I wanted. I also got a "visit" from another local eldurr last night informing me that, "We have been permitted by the governing body and The Branch to resume in person meetings at the kingdom hall just in time for the memorial and special talk. I am sure YOU will want to be there!" Then I was reminded of the mask mandate, the distancing mandate, and the other rules for anyone to be there in person and I told him that if it was still that dangerous to be there then I would decline to attend. His reply? "All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not."

  • Smiles


    Yes, I was seriously asking if anyone here had heard reports of WT financial aid to families of virus victims or vaccine injury. We had heard of two cases where financial aid was involved, but tonight we investigated further and learned that both cases were elder bodies given approval to distribute a mere contact list of state and charitably funded services available to applicants with eligible circumstances related to the virus or the vaccine.

    No actual financial assistance directly from WT, similar to how those covid emergency food box distributions by local JW elders were sourced from "worldly" state funded food banks, yet portrayed by JWs as a "loving provision of the governing body." Apparently, elders did not openly disclose "these food boxes are from the political government, not the WT GB"...

    So as the OP says: "lies damn lies"

    But with the way those GB update videos and letters endorsed the experimental vaccines, WT may eventually be approached for some sort of compensation by vaccine injured JWs that felt undue influence from WT to accept the experimental injections.

  • FedUpJW

    WT may eventually be approached for some sort of compensation by vaccine injured JWs that felt undue influence from WT to accept the experimental injections.

    I for one certainly hope so! In my area I personally know of nearly one dozen people who have either had severe health issues that were initially listed as potential side effects of the jab or outright died because of side effects which were listed in the beginning of the COVID jab hysteria. All of them JW's who were obeying The Slave.

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