Where is the proof?

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  • btlc

    A simple test: Deuteronomy 18:20-22; Galatians 1:8, 9

  • Saethydd

    When I asked my parents this question they pointed to the "goodness" of the organization as proof of its divine backing. They believe that the "love" of the GB and other Witnesses proves that it is God's one and only organization. They didn't seem terribly bothered by the subjectivity of such claims or that the subjectivity of those metrics don't really allow them to be tested against other religions and organizations in any sort of rigorous comprehensive way to prove that it is the "one and only."

    Unfortunately, I was not able to convince them that those things really matter in figuring out the truth of a subject.

  • waton

    Proof x-1 ? "Jws, Proclaimers..." book page 426. "....Millions..will never die!" false prophecy ca. 1919, recorded in >three languages!

  • stuckinarut2

    Excellent comments!

    Yes, the ONLY proof they have is their own testimony. And the claim that they have "love amongst themselves"...

    EVERY religious group claims the very same thing though!

  • Hairtrigger

    Their greatest miracle performed before the world stage is- MAKING THE ORGANIZATION DISAPPEAR IN RUSSIA!

  • waton
    And the claim that they have "love amongst themselves"...

    siar2: themselves refers only to their narrow clique in, not the whole congregation, not extended to ethnics, newcomers.

  • jwfacts

    Good question, examples of Bible leaders always were able to demonstrate miracles and had direct communication with angels.

    Watchtower tries to say that the gifts of the spirit ceased when that which is perfect arrived. Watchtower and other religious groups that don't claim to have gifts of the spirit conveniently say this was the completion of the Bible books, though the scripture shows it is when Jesus is seen face to face.

  • Bugbear


    Of course the GB cannot claim to be “Gods representatives”, they cannot show any miracle or any sign of having Gods approval… All the miracle that you are referring to in the Bible are actually “no miracles”…..They are just hear sayings that occurred, 100 s of years after the prophets had died. This to enslave or ensure the believers that their believe system is the only right. In 100 year you will probably hear fantastic stories (if JW,s still exists) on how members of the governing body took down the moon and really were astronauts, and how they directly talked to God…..

  • pale.emperor

    You're right. Moses asked God for a sign and he wasnt told off for asking. Jesus performed signs. Hell, every prophet in the bible performed signs as evidence.

    I discussed this on my channel here:


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