If God And His Thoughts Are Perfect - How Did Humans & Satan Become Evil?

by Latin assassin from Manhattan 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan

    This question may not make too much sense. But think about this:

    If a man creates a computer, using the best parts and software design with the intent of analyzing data accurately and reliably, would he also design it with the ability or freedom to 'crash' or spread viruses to other computers if it chose to?

    If a man trains a dog with the intent of being a family pet, would he also give it the knowledge to kill humans or other animals?

    Do you see the pattern?

    If God is pure and righteous in every possible way, than why are his creations capable of evil? If God and/or Jesus created everything in their own image (that of perfection), than where did these creations (like Satan) obtain the capacity for malice? Just because a creation of God has the freedom to think for itself, it doesn't mean that it is able to do what is bad unless the knowledge of such were 'built in'? Right?

    How did Satan know what evil was if he himself was a perfection creation? Why would God create angels or even humans with the ability to feel envy - knowing that this is evil (it's even one of the Ten Commandments).

    Am I the only one who has ever thought the above?

  • happyout

    You are not the only one, I have asked this question repeatedly. I also compare it to a sterile environment. If the environment is sterile, it will stay that way until something else is introduced. So, where does that something else come from? If God's creations were all perfect, in other words sterile, then where die imperfection come from?


  • Elsewhere

    Maybe the god is too proud to admit its mistakes... I think the elders need to give a Special Needs talk on humility.

  • shamus

    An excellent question!

    The Dubs say that man had "freedom of choice"... they chose to be bad. But, where did that bad choice come from if they were perfect?

    I have no answer, and can't even fathom it. I guess that I'll find out when I die if god really exists, and, if so, I can find out... until then, I'll be a mushroom.


  • Euphemism

    The standard Christian argument to this is that evil has no existence in itself; rather, it is the contradiction of good. So the existence of good necessitates the existence of evil, just as the existence of heat necessitates the existence of cold (because cold is a lack of heat).

    I still think that God could have created a better world than we have right now. But the above explanation does at least make sense to me, as far as why evil exists. YMMV*.

    * Your Mileage May Vary

  • Blueblades

    Also,if the heart of man is treacherous and desperate,if the inclination of man is bad all the time due to imperfection how man be accountable for something that God knows man can't help.

    And,if Satan is let loose to impede man,if the imperfection impedes man,if the environment impedes man,God knowing that in all of this man does not stand a chance in and of himself to do what his flawed condition is unable to do, that is ,be perfect and good.Note man's inhumanity to man all throughout history in God's sight.

    How can God put him through such horrors as sickness,old age,a deterioating painful existence and finally death.I don't have the answer and can't make sense out of any of this from a loving God who claims to be a loving Father.

    Latin assasin from manhattan you raised a good topic that I have been trying to reason on for a long time .


  • m0nk3y

    I have always thought this assasin from manhattan, it's just somthing that seems completely unlogical. The only explaination I could come up with if we beleive everything about god that we have been taught is this .. God is an EGOMANIAC. He created humans with the ability to hate him so that he could feel good about himself if they liked him no matter what .. sounds like the human condition doesn't it ? Either way .. if God does exist in the way we have been taught then he should get real with himself and give us a break and then he might feel a bit better in himself.

    monk3y of the shrink of god class

  • rocketman

    Maybe the god is too proud to admit its mistakes... I think the elders need to give a Special Needs talk on humility

    LOL Elsewhere!

  • rocketman

    Perhaps evolution explains certain tendencies in man better.

  • bjd4jc

    Genesis 1:31 says that "God saw all that he had made and it was very good". It does not say perfect. When God created man with a free will that gives man a choice between two or more objects. Adam and Eve were amoral when they were created - meaning that they did not have an inclination to choose good over it opposite (evil) or evil over good.

    To say that God is responsible for evil does not have much merit. Example: I run a red light and Tbone another car. The accident is obviously my fault because I ran the red light. I claim in my defense, that if the other driver would not have got out of bed that morning, I would never have hit him. This defense holds no merit at all because I ran the red light. There would have been no accident had I ran the red light, just like there would not have been "evil" if Adam and Eve would not have disobeyed the direct command of God (the red light).

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