This Is It?

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  • redvip2000

    In fact, i recall attending an international convention in Montreal, CA ( Thinking it was early 2000's). Leading up to that convention that was word of an important decision and announcement being made at that convention. Now of course there was a lot of buzz going around with speculation that perhaps it would be decided that preaching would stop because we were so close to the big A, or perhaps another important announcement that would be earth-shattering.

    I still remember, i was sitting in a hockey arena of sorts, when the big talk was given, and the brother came to the point in the talk where he said ...."and so brothers, we have an important decision to announce. We, as a global congregation of true christians, have decided we will stay faithful to the end, no matter what happens...".

    Then a pause, crickets..., then as most of the audience realized there was nothing else, a few started clapping, and the rest followed, as you could almost see everybody's eyes roll to the back of their heads.

    Moral of the story, it's always only buzz. There is never an "all chips in" announcement like the old days, because they have no idea what is happening in the future, and so they are weary of making big moves.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    They used to do , what were they called? When they made a statement that was like a declaration. "We will not blah blah ... " And it made people think that it was a notice to the world. It felt like they were waving a post from God and his Organization that we were not a part of the world - so take that! That made everyone feel special and that things were moving along.

    They don't do that anymore. Must not have had much mileage out of it.

  • Finkelstein

    Its just the same old redone fear mongering the WTS publishing house has been doing for over a century, the proverbial carrot at the end of the stick scenario.

    They use select information from secular sources or even the bible because they knowingly are aware people still believe the bible and its mythical prophecies as some spirit driven god's word as it were.

    Its a corrupt publishing house and the leaders of this religious publishing house are positioned and endeavored to keep the organization ongoing, which relates to both money and free volunteering labor.

    The WTS exploited people's ignorance from known secular knowledge and biblical scriptural knowledge as well, the date setting of 1874 and 1914 as an example.

    Simply put god Jehovah doesn't have a thing to do with this commercialized false prophet and never did .

    It started out as an apostate sinfully run organization, unloyal to Jesus and his instructions for preaching his Gospel and its still active on that path to this day.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWorg. formula for success is to proclaim that Armageddon and the great tribulation is just around the corner and that being the WTS/Jworg is god's chosen organization and that it's most righteous out all Christian faiths, loyal and adherent to god's righteous ways, its advisable to do exactly what the WTS leaders (GB,FDSL) say you should do to put yourself in appeasement grace with Jehovah and son Jesus Christ.

    ...and that includes distributing the WTS's literature to the public and lure in more devoted participants to the organization, who will inevitably bring in money and volunteering labor.

    Of course Jesus's words written in the bible had something different or opposing to say about men who say things that he didn't instruct them to say, calling them false Prophets but you have to actually read the bible to know about that.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    days of future passed asked,

    "They used to do , what were they called?"

    I think the word you are looking for is resolutions, and they had the audacity to claim that these resolutions

    ("Be it hereby RESOLVED that we like peanut butter...")


  • Tameria2001

    There was a talk I recall and in it, they said: "when they declare peace and security, then sudden destruction will be instantly upon them". It wasn't just the one, but they kept emphasizing that in many of their talks at the kingdom hall and assemblies. Then one day on my way to work President Bush said those very words, about they have declared peace and security, I really thought that Armageddon was going to hit very soon, like right now type of very soon. All I'm going to say about that is my children were not even in school at the time, and now they are now adults.

  • NewYork44M
    Does anyone here recall attending talks of a similar nature in years or decades past, where the belief was that the Great Tribulation was finally imminent?

    Growing up in the Wt cult from the 1960s, I recall every event supporting the belief that the end was imminent. It was quite exhausting.

  • jp1692

    This Is Shit!

    I fixed it for you.

  • neverendingjourney

    I discovered this forum by accident. I was already inactive and 99% out mentally.

    In 2006, out of the blue I got a mass JW chain email. It said that a Bethel speaker had announced at an assembly that Matthew 24:14 had been fulfilled. The end was really, really near this time.

    Since I had lost contact with JWs, I had no one whom I could reach out to in order to verify this statement. A tiny piece of me was afraid that I had made a mistake and would realize that the JWs were right far too late.

    So, I googled "has Matthew 24:14 been fulfilled" and it led me to a thread on this board. Apparently, the chain email had been widely circulated and there were several threads discussing it.

    So I started reading and kept reading. I would stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning every day reading and reading. Within a week or two I was 100% out and have never looked back.

    Moral: This kind of "the end is really near this time" panics have happened frequently throughout the 130+ year history of the WT.

  • Finkelstein

    "when they declare peace and security, then sudden destruction will be instantly upon them"

    Sure they used that quite a few times or the King of the North is advancing etc.

    Of course brainwashed JWS listen and accept it has the proverbial " Truth " since its coming from god's own chosen mouth piece, these chosen select ones would never lie and deceive. ......... right

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