Why Is Nothing Being Done About Looters?

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  • jhine

    8I do know that you can't walk into any shop and buy a gun with checks being done . However given the amount of mass shootings in the States over the last few years those checks clearly don't stop guns getting into the hands of unstable people.

    As l said one mass shooting was enough for us Brits to say that's it , no more innocent people die because of gun ownership .

    The figures quoted are for violent crime overall, including domestic abuse, muggings etc . I guarantee that non of those incidents included someone being shot

    The reports that you used did say that America has the largest prisoner population of most countries .

    Another group of gun victims that l came across were the people killed accidentally by guns .

    In 2020 92 children were killed by guns and most often the " killer " was an older sibling usually brother. Then there are the innocent bystanders caught in crossfire.

    How the hell does a family recover from the fact that one child has been responsible for the death of another ? How the hell does the shooter live with themselves?

    In the UK this just doesn't happen and we want to keep it that way

    I looked into rioting and looting and yes going back quite a few years some major cities did experience this , though no shooting because no guns . The trigger was the death of a black man and a lot of damage was done .

    The recent protests in London were nothing to do with BLM but were protests against lockdown


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    they authorities could try cutting off power and water supplies in the areas populated by rioters--and keep it that way until they learn.

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