Taking The Knee 14 months after George Floyd's death

by LoveUniHateExams 22 Replies latest social current

  • redvip2000
    I wonder if this 'woke dividing' is an intentional device for a power that wishes to overthrow us?

    Bingo....very few realize it.

    The kneeling thing is nothing more than boasting. All of these footballers could very well organize a fund where they contribute to build a piece of infrastructure in a poor community.

    But all they can do is bend a knee while everybody watches as if that does anything. They just want to be seen doing it.

    Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where George puts a dollar in a tip jar, but tries to take it back because he realizes nobody saw him doing it. What is important to him is to be seen doing it.

  • UBERWitless

    I wish Georgie would've swallowed more Fentanyl so he would've died before the cop had to try to subdue him.

  • punkofnice
    Redders - Bingo....very few realize it.

    I heard someone else say that they think all this stuff is Russian or/and Chinese Bots and activists trying to destabilise the West.

    Of course, it can't be proven, I don't think...I suspect. I admit this isn't evidence. Like a glass coffin - remains to be seen.

    The kneeling thing is nothing more than boasting.

    I don't think low IQ sports personalities are where I get my political and moral advice.

    I'd say the UK is not a racist country by any stretch of the imagination; yet these idiots are saying it is. I can only conclude they are trying to stir up racism rather than end it. Things like 'kick out racism' in UK soccer were not booed.

    The taking of the knee 'boo' is, mostly, not because the 'booers' are racist, they just see the hypocrisy of this collectivised psychosis. I bet a lot of the knee takers do it because they fear the wrath of the sheeple managers and Twtter mobs (with non UK IP addresses, I'm told), that promote it.

    No doubt someone disagrees and that's fine; please say why, I don't take criticism personally anymore. grown out of that because I know some just troll for a scrap.

    Find out for yourselves. Just sayin'.

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