Do family/relatives still hound you about going back? what do they/you say?

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    nice elsewhere !!!

    but that's run (dont walk) away.

  • smurfette

    That is a killer picture Elsewhere. I love the lambchops on that salesman!

  • iiz2cool

    I sent in my DA letter in June and they finally announced it in the three congregations that I used to attend three weeks ago. It sure took them long enough. But now, every time my mother sees me she tells me I should apologize to the elders and get reinstated. Hahahaha! So I told her that I don't get it - THEY protect pedophiles but I should apologize??? What kind of warped thinking is that? I guess it's typical for a JW. Come in to the troof! Leave your brain at the door!

    I'm glad I finally found mine.


  • Odrade

    my parents are hounding me as I type. Right at this exact moment. Ugg. Save me! Save me!

  • twolips

    I relate to you all. My family does the same thing. But after reading Blondie's thread on unconditional love (the one with VOMIT in it) I was thinking that at least my family talks to me even though I am inactive. Maybe they think that if there is still hope that you will come back to the org,t hen it is o.k. to have contact with you. I love my family and I will deal with the hounding. The alternative would hurt to much.

  • SixofNine

    My family has been conspicuously silent on the matter. One new uncle-by-marriage had the balls to approach me about "the meetings" after we'd spent the day riding motorcycles together. He wasn't pushy however, and mostly just kept to his own story of getting himself reactivated. To be honest, I respected him for it, it's not really that easy to approach someone you don't know all that well about it.

    This is all no doubt because, a) I've always been much more the one in the family to think about and talk about doctrinal matters even when I was in the religion, and b) I went directly to my mom with my problems with the blood issue, telling her that I knew I couldn't be a Jehovah's Witness anymore, and btw, why had she lied to me all my life, lol. Ok, I was quite that direct with that last part, but in the early stages of my apostacy, I did point blank ask where the support was for any of it, the bible included. And if no support, why had she taught me this all my life as if it was fact?

    Righteous indignation is a good thing. A witness can NEVER really have it, and an apostate can ALWAYS muster some up.

  • ikhandi

    I personally am tired of the invites to meetings and district conventions. Mind you these are invitations from jws in good standing. Why are they talking to me? Some days I feel like screaming Give it a rest!

  • Undecided

    I think they finally realized I'm not going back after 20 some years out. One aunt used to call me about every month and I haven't heard a word in several months. I think my last visit at her house and the comments I made about some of the JW issues might be the reason.

    They didn't even notify me of the death of an old family JW friend. They could have forgotten me I guess or thought I would have read about it in the paper.

    Right now they don't have a KH to invite me to, they sold it to a Greater Bibleway Holliness Church, whatever that is and haven't built a new one yet.

    Ken P.

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