Any Peugeot owners around here?

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  • Mephis

    Peugeot 505 estates for field service. I still have nightmares.

  • Simon

    The TopGear episode on Peugeot drivers was pretty funny - lots of slow speed collisions and driving into fields due to slight bends.

    They have become synonymous with older / caravan type drivers now but they used to be really cool. The 205 hot-hatch was the car to have once upon a time.

    I had a 206 turbo diesel and it was fantastic - did something like 50-60Mpg and went like a rocket, so much torque.

  • RubaDub

    Nothing against the French, but the cars they make have in no way been as reliable nor stylish as the German, Japanese and American brands.

    Sorry. We had Peugeot, Citreon and Renault here many years ago and they just could not make reliable cars.

    If they were that good, how has Hyundai and Kia from Korea moved in to take such a large market share from their minimal existance here just a few years ago?

    The cars are quite odd (at least from an American perstpective).

    Rub a Dub

  • freddo

    Peugeot/Citroen Diesel engines go on for ever. They are often used by other manufacturers in their vehicles with slight changes. Since the late 1990's they really took Europe and other areas by storm when they teamed up with Ford and produced the HDi engines in capacities from 1400cc to 3000cc.

    You will find their diesel engines in Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Suzuki, BMW Mini, Volvo and Land Rover.

    Their electrics however often leave something to be desired.

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