Does the GB/WT now ,ever talk about 6,000 years of human history ?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    LoveUni -- BE REAL! You know that's a fake of some scientist trying to become famous or support Satan's lie of evolution! Or some error of carbon dating fiasco that is totally unreliable! Or it's the skeleton of a deformed ape-like animal that makes it "appear human".

    Cognitive Dissonance is a real bitch!


  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping
    Slidin Fast

    So if Jesus preached and accepted the creation story and bible "fact". Where does that leave Christianity?

    Go ahead-----say it-----just say it!! Jesus was also duped into believing the stories in the Old Testament were actual true stories.

    If Jesus was alive today, he would be posting on this site and saying the same thing many here are saying;

    "I was born into a cult"

    "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    yes--this is what really got me thinking for myself in my late teens--in the 1960's--the 7000 year creative day. i remember asking the DO Ron Drage about during a lunch time at a circuit assembly. he just fobbed me off saying it was all in the societies publications.

    7000 years eh--from the creation of mythical mud man and woman to the end of the milennial reign of christ the king in his kingdom. too bad if it turned out to be 70,000 years--or 70 million. but then--if gullible people really want to believe something badly enough.--its easy enough to invent a plan to fit the bill.

    6000 years from the fantasy creation in a biblical fairy story--to when the system would end--with the battle of armageddon as prophecied by a senile old man. only--it didnt. therefore no one has been resurrected into a brave new world. millions living have died---together with their hopes and dreams. and some 8 million or so people still cling to this crap.

  • WTWizard

    The whole 6,000 year bunk is nothing more than a scam so that joke-hova can take credit for all advance. Before that time, people were far more advanced than today. Then joke-hova tampered with humanity, destroyed all that technology (and the planet Phaeton), shortened our lives to the present 120 years, and created the unending debt for a single event lie. And, to this day, we are stuck with the effects. All evidence of an advanced society that was ruined around 6,000 years ago is discredited and destroyed.

    Truth is, we were around far longer than 6,000 years. The Gods lived here on the earth with us, and tried to help us develop. At some point, just before breakthrough, joke-hova barged in and thwarted the whole thing. And now, we are at the climax--political correctness before factual correctness, bibles and qurans coming before science, it being a crime to criticize jews, xians, or muslims (the death penalty) even though all are proven to be clones of communism, and all our systems messed up. There is poison food, poison (fluoride) intentionally added to water, chemtrails sprayed to obscure MY view of the planets (that also poison the earth, air, and water), and medicine that is just about mandatory that is poison. I feel that we are near the point where the earth will be ruined forever, we will all be microchipped, and Noahide Law will be enforced (and so much for history before that 6,000 years).

    Certainly, if the book you claim to be abiding to is bunk, the whole religion is bunk too.

  • waton
    s ld: so when was the flood in this 6000 year timescale ?

    ~ 2500 years before Christ, so, Jesus lived halfway between us and the time that Water covered Everest, every species had to start over again from Koalas in Australia, Pandas in China To Lamas in Peru. penguins in Antartica. and as already pointed out.

    Jesus, who is supposed to have co-created the Universe, with an HS re-animated memory, confirmed it!

    Every comment here on the bible details should have the talking snake as a preamble and/or be aware proviso.

  • truthlover123

    They use the word EON now.. no specific time frame,, at least they agree with the scientists on the time of the universe creation -- billions of years ago.

    6,000-7,000 is not mentioned at all

  • blondie

    4026 beginning of the 7th day, just after the creation of Eve, the last creation by god on the 6th creative day. Everything after 4026

    4026 + 1975 = 6000 years (remember from 1 BCE to 1 AD is only one year)

    Add 1,000 year reign that was supposed to start in 1975, makes 7,000 years for the 7th day total.

    Remember Blondie is only reporting not supporting

    Or explaining not sustaining

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    "4026 + 1975 = 6000 years (remember from 1 BCE to 1 AD is only one year)

    Add 1,000 year reign that was supposed to start in 1975, makes 7,000 years for the 7th day total."

    yep---thats exactly what we were taught back in the 60's.

    thats how "we" ( always that exclusive WE ) just knew a creative day was 7000 years long. All rooted on a fairy story coupled to a false prophecy that failed totally.

    i was totally out of the cult--and had zero contact with it--from 1981 till about 10 years ago when i discovered the online world of ex jw's. so i had no idea the 7000 year thing had gradually disappeared. i somehow worked out that armageddon hadnt happened..and we are not yet in the brave new world. i wonder have many changes and new lights will happen in what time i have left.

  • waton

    The bible story, first man, the lady 6000 year ago is wrong.

    The angels were not twirling their swords to keep them out of paradise. it was to keep them in (like the DDR wall) so they could not see the temples that were already being build outside Eden. Babylon rising while they were still naked and not rising to the occasion.

    History is written by the victors. which begs the question, why did the bible writers win?

    caveat: talking snake story. caveat for cave men. (primitives that believe fairytales)

  • Crazyguy2

    Nope they don’t talk about the age of man or the age of the earth because they know it will just open up a can of worms and expose them. This is also why the JWs really don’t talk about much anymore or do any real deep study of the Bible. I mean think about it the end is so close yet they hardly ever mention the book of Revelations and never study it.

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