What do you do for living?

by Iamallcool 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • Iamallcool

    I am not currently working.

  • hoser

    As little as possible

  • titch

    Iamallcool: If you are asking, What do I do as a means to earn money, well, now, just like you, I am not in the work force, the work world. Being that I am in my mid-60s, I am what is called "semi-retired." About 4 years ago I decided to take early-retirement Social Security benefits. I also receive a couple of small pensions from some companies that I once worked for. And, I receive some money from a person who rents a spare room in my residence.

    Buuuuuut-----for most of my working years, I was involved in clerical, general office, administrative work. I have done other things---from working for a fellow JW in his small janitorial service, to working as a delivery driver. But, in my clerical/office work I have been a Mail Room Clerk, a Data-Entry Clerk, a Document Control Clerk, an Envelope Sorting Clerk...all kinds of things. Even an Office Receptionist!

    Now, eventually, I might have to return to the work force to supplement my Social Security benefits. But, I DO NOT want to get back into full-time employment, only part-time employment. I have done ENOUGH full-time employment in my working years to realize that it is no longer fun and enjoyable. At least, not for me, it isn't.

    Best Regards, All...Titch.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i'm retired--living on my state pension. Before i retired--i was on long term incapacity benefit.

    My last National Insurance stamp is worth more than a penny black.

  • Simon

    I pretend to code.

  • titch

    One thing that I might mention here is that whatever a person does as far as work---employment---for the purpose of earning money. Don't ever base your self-worth or self-image as a human being upon what you might happen to do for earning that money. Jobs can---and will---come and go throughout one's lifetime. So, don't become TOO attached to any one career or job. Just my thoughts---


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Pimo. So cannot say. A job is a large part of our identity.

    🙄 pioneered, CO, DO, turned down for GB, now mooching and living off saved green handshakes, and am important moderator. HOW IS THAT?

  • Biahi

    I don’t want to say specifically, it may out me. But, I work my ass off, but I make pretty good money for someone with no college. I earn every penny. I retire in 2024.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    What do I do for a living?

    Let's just say I'm not a leech like the 8 members of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses!

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Heavy duty truck mechanic, 51 years, self employed 41 years, 75 years old, a 50 year old would have a hard time keeping up. Ex wife who left because I was a threat to her spirituality gets $36,000 annual alimony, luckily now social security covers that tab now. She get it until she dies. So now I get to keep what I earn.

    I told a son years ago if the WTB&TS was the NY Mob and they shook me down for a million dollars to leave me and my family along that would of been a hell of a good deal compared to what the church cost me.

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