Suman Virk - mother of bullied and murdered child passes away

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  • sillygirlforgotpassword

    Obituary: Suman Virk, the mother who forgave her daughter's killer

    I came across this interesting, sad article detailing a case of a runaway child who was murdered in Canada. Apparently she had been raised as a JW. Not sure if her family are still in the cult.

    She had it hard, the poor girl, being part of a minority group inside of a minority (JW Indian in Canada). Ran away from it all but the world was unkind to her and bad circumstances led to her death :(

  • waton

    Was there not a jw convention going on in that town at the time?

  • Diogenesister

    This kills me.

    Says the victim was raised JW. But if the parents were jw's they can't be now, surely. What JW would take part in church organized "resolution centres"? Or spend their energies and time campaigning and educating against bullying?

  • humbled

    Great point, Diogenesister.

    The WT has zero tolerance for this kind of involvement with churches. We had a local elder in our area though not in my congregation ( Anointed !) who kept watch over this sort of independence activity. He emphatically reviewed how such involvement with false religion undermined the stand that Jehovah’s people had suffered persecution for in the past.

  • Finkelstein

    The possibility of the reason she was picked on was because she was a JWS.and Indo-Canadian.

    This happening in my neck of the woods, so I know all about it.

    By the way the girl was not a run away.

  • Vidiot

    A sad end to a sad story.

    I was living in the BC Lower Mainland at the time the incident happened, and to this day, I feel that the only "good" thing that came out of it was bullying awareness, and the realization amongst the larger public that bullies - when taking their "proclivities" to their logical conclusion - are potential killers.

    (Of course, I could have told you that long before Reena Virk was killed; the bullies I knew in my high school were fucking psychopaths.)

    BTW; weird coincidence... Reena's killer recently finished her 20-ish-year sentence and was released.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Very heartbreaking story. My heart goes out to that family.

    I'm pretty sure Suman left the borg and became and activist. It appears that jehober didn't protect her daughter, or anyone else's daughter, son, or any loved one! In fact, I've never really heard of a real situation when a jw was protected by jehober! Lots of bull sh*t stories out there but then every religion has their miraculous stories!

    just saying!

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