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by SloppyMcFloppy 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • punkofnice
    All religion is flawed

    I would have left it right there, Slopster.

    There's good and bad in all. A little leaven ferments the whole lump.

    We don't need religion. It does no good.

  • sparky1

    Two cents. That's just about what the Jehovah's Witness religion is worth. Are you buying or selling?

  • Heaven

    All religion is flawed because it's foundation, the Holy Bible, is flawed. And the basics of the Bible are pretty much reflected by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. That being if you don't sign up and believe how we tell you to believe, you will be judged and punished.

    This 'not bad religion' as you call it, destroyed my family. It caused my cousin to refuse a needed blood transfusion after a really bad car accident. She died leaving behind 3 children and a husband. There are others of my family who suffer from depression. My parents had depression for years. Both of them had/have dementia.

    If you think this group is going to change, you are mistaken. They are arrogant because they believe they are God's Chosen. No one can tell them they are wrong.

  • SloppyMcFloppy

    Yes i was that poster.... been looking at a lot of religions and they are all messed up... i have some reason for wanting to be catholic though. i probably would have struck around jw if they would have changed some of there teachings.

  • punkofnice
    Slopster - been looking at a lot of religions and they are all messed up.

    Then just pause. There's no rush. If they're all messed up then it's evidence that no god is using his magic powers to make them the one true religion. It's all a scam to control and make money.

  • jookbeard
    its right up there with the Jim Jones,Waco, The Amish , Plymouth Brethren, The Children of God and Westboro Baptist Church, Heavens Gate and add any more extreme dangerous high control group you can think of, a child abuse cover up policy that may number over 100,000 victims, how many died avoiding organ transplants, blood transfusions and vaccinations? I think you need to get back to the drawing board Slopper!
  • Kick50r

    Well, ill just drop my 2 cents as well ^^.

    According to Wikipedia "religion" with the meaning we are talking here only came to be recently "17 century" because before it seemed to have a very diferent meaning.

    From my point of view , all religions are Very toxic to a society that wants to improve. For how can you cultivate curiosity in our children if they became to believe in lies since young age that will be the foundations of theyre thought ?

    A better approach would be, for ex, to teach our children at school , the connection between Egypt mythology and the bible , or any other of the big 3 books from which derive most of todays religions.

    From ancient times Day/night to modern good/evil we came a long way. NOT thanks to any religion

    Happy Research

  • Finkelstein

    All religions are frauds because they were devised upon lies, ignorance, fear and deception.

    .........and that is " The Truth "

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    All religions are led by imperfect men!! They don't really believe or understand what they teach.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    All religion is flawed because its led by man

    If only you would have stopped at this ...

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