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  • SloppyMcFloppy
    All religion is flawed because its led by man. JW is not bad religon if it changed some of its doctrines and thoughts. If it didnt "shun" members and "Worldly people."did away with doomsday senarios. If it got back to basics of the bible. Got rid of the mentality to not question anything by the GB. I think it could see a explosion in memebership!
  • Darkknight757

    You make some nice points but the trouble is is that the NWT bible is a mess which causes many to do a fresh study of the bible. The results of such a study lead many to view the bible in a completely different light and for some that might mean abandoning religion all together.

    The WTS won't even change simple teachings that could protect people from predators. Doubt they will ever change. The Governing Body is haughty and very stubborn. Hopefully soon we will see this religion end itself. It's disgusting.

  • LisaRose

    And Hitler would have been a great leader if he had just been nicer to the Jews.

    Seriously, it's a cult, changing a few things would not make it a good religion. It's not any one doctrine, it's the culture of the governing body claiming to be the only authority on everything, , it's them lying about their past, it's covering up child sexual abuse, it's failed date predictions and doctrine flip flops, it's discouraging higher education, it's them tearing families apart by Disfellowshiping, it's the depression and suicides that aren't talked about.

  • brandnew

    Please dont be mad.....but i just totally digg the sloppy floppy thing.......that shiii is just way too damn cool to not say somethin bout.....hee hee.

    Ok......carry on....thank you...

    N stuff.

  • JWdaughter
    Welcome, and please dont take offense, but its like saying a hot fudge sundae would be healthy if you took away the ice cream, the hot fudge and the sprinkles.
  • brandnew
    Jw daughter........yeeeeeaaaaauuuuughhhhh
  • Simon

    Great analogy JWDaughter.

    Religion would be great if it was just a social club without any of the things that make it a religion.

    Some "religions" are like that. I have no problem with them. But cults and intrusive groups that destroy families? There is only one fix for them.

  • nicolaou

    Hi Sloppy, aren't you the poster who's thinking of converting to Catholicism?

    If it (Watchtower) got back to basics of the bible

    So briefly, what are the basics?

    Man is flawed and thus thinks he needs Religion .....................perhaps ?
  • done4good

    What JWdaughter said.


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