Lloyd Evans keeps doing parts on how the JWs are guilty of follwing the bible.

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  • mickbobcat

    I have been watching Evans videos for a while. He keeps attacking the cult for following the bible. I.E. women are to be subservient to men. The cult is against homosexuality ect. To me this is not correct. There are two fronts to argue on and they are very different. One is that the cult has set up laws and rules that have no backing in the bible or they have twisted a scripture to reinforce their rule or law. This would be the faithful and discrete slave being the cult GB, or the two witness rule so they don't go to the police or authority's on things such as pedophiles. This is where I believe the cult should be held to account and attacked. Or another example is birthdays, all the end dates that were wrong and that the big A is so close.

    The other is Evans will attack the cult for following the bible on Homosexuality, Women's place in the church ect. This is not an argument against the cult its an argument against the bible. Churches that teach its OK to be homosexual are lying as far as to what the bible teaches. The bible is very clear on homosexuality. Its wrong and those who practice it will not go to heaven, live forever on earth or what ever it is you think the reward from god is. I have even heard that well there are only 6 passages in the bible, bla bla bla, Yes but there is only one place in the constitution of the USA that says you have freedom of speech. That does not mean you really don't because there is only one place that says you do.

    So to argue that the bible is crazy and stupid and just a book by man is not an argument I think to be used against the cult alone. Its an argument against the bible being the word of god. This is why its not really correct to attack the cult based on its following what is clear in the bible. Any Christian religion that says its really OK to be homosexual, or that women are to not be teaching men, or they need to be subservient to men or any number of nut bar things the bible clearly teaches is really the wrong way to attack the cult. One is to attack Christianity and argue against the whole ideology not just one group who follows it. The other is to argue on points that are unique to the cult only.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Agreed. Curious JW's who land on his site will just see it as JW's are the only group upholding Bible standards.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    I don't see the problem.

    It's not just that JWs follow the Bible, it's the pattern of how they interpret and apply it that gets to the heart of what the organization is really about. As much as I have a distaste for other churches, you can at least go into many of them as a non believer and not be hammered over the head about how disgusting and broken you are. If curious JWs can start to see the other side of things, their empathy can lead them in the right direction.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I like Lloyd, I really do. He and his crew have helped many leave the Dubs.

    But I cannot watch his videos. Not because of content, that is excellent.

    No, it is because they are too damn long. lol

    I wish he would do 10 minute videos, to the point.

    I am picky with my time. That and I come here to get the short version of Dubland News.

    My 77 year old mom is still PIMI. If not for that, I could fully ignore all things JW.

    But, like this site, I am grateful for those who put in the work, it got me out.


  • DesirousOfChange

    But I cannot watch his videos. Not because of content, that is excellent. No, it is because they are too damn long. lol I wish he would do 10 minute videos, to the point. ~ Snakes

    That seems to be a consensus.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    I always watch him on 2x speed.

    I usually watch YouTube on 2x speed anyway, but Lloyd is a very slow speaker and I think most people, even those who speak English as a second language, could understand him clearly at 2x.

  • dozy

    Lloyd is doing some "bitesize" videos now. The original poster is quite correct - I suppose Lloyd is an atheist and that does come across in his videos.

    Although I am probably 99% atheist now myself and certainly no longer believe in the bible - I did like Ray Franz's books when I was fading as they dismantled JW beliefs from a scriptural standpoint.

  • steve2

    Different strokes for different folks.

    I wished I had questioned the Bible when I left JW organization because the "risk" for me was I tried to find other groups who had the same JW "Bible-inerrancy" template and that delayed my moving on for years . If people are questioning the organization or waking up more generally, I don't think they would be put off doing so because an ex-JW You Tube channel such as Lloyd's openly criticizes the Bible.

    BTW, Lloyd has said on numerous occasions that JWs are not the only ones who pick and choose which Scriptures to interpret literally and which to symbolically or figuratively interpret.

    As regards the length of his videos for those who would like to watch them but the length is on the off-putting side, one recommendation is to watch the shorter videos (which come out daily) or treat the longer videos of interest like a book: watch a portion at a time.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    Another thing - Jehovah's Witnesses are indoctrinated to feel deep revulsion and fear towards anyone who criticizes the organization and its doctrine, not the Bible.

    Householder #1: The Bible is an evil book that condones slavery, political imprisonment, sexism, homophobia and genocide.

    JW: Many people feel that way. Let me show you why I disagree.

    Householder #2: I saw this thing on YouTube about your religion and...

    JW: Baaaagh, apostates! *runs away* *screams* JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH!!!!!

  • Rocketman123

    Following the bible word for word for social guidance is bit redundant and backwards since the ancient Hebrews who lived 3000 years ago were just a primitive relatively ignorant civilization and culture in comparison to the knowledge humanity has today about are selves and the world in which we live..

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