How far will they go?

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  • flipper
    " They will go as far as it takes to make a buck " . What BRANDNEW says- I totally agree, it's all about the money. Lack of transparency so that rank & file JW's will not know what WT leaders are doing with the money. Peace out, Mr. flipper
  • freddo

    They want Control, they want Adulation, they want Dollars. C.A.D. This is the holy trinity of the present governing body today.

    The dollars are draining away through their publishing empire costing more than it makes. They are becoming a property empire instead.

    So how do they maintain C. A. D?


    As has been mentioned CO's (and the service desk) are the enforcers. As long as they have enough of these they can control the empire. So all the printing and support staff can be kicked out. All the paid special pioneers can be downgraded to regular pioneers. DO's are history.

    What next? Maybe super circuits?

    Two circuits (40 congs - maybe reduced to 36-38 if congs amalgamated) under one CO and one visit a year from him and another six months later from a bigger pool of substitutes CO. This keeps control and gives incentive for position to the wannabe elders, ex-bethelites and special pioneers. Saves dollars too.


    More GovBodTV electric church. More with them in the focus of the camera. Keep regional assemblies for them to visit, hold up a (virtual) publication and use as money spinners. Trumpet on about their HQ lakeside retirement complex.

    What next?

    I haven't a clue. It's all at a new level of crazy.


    Keep selling KH's and pruning bethels in the short term - mid-term. Longer term I think they have big big problems with lawsuits. Watch out for changes to procedures that will save money.

    I cannot see them having a good money spinner after from when the hi-value property gets sold off and the funds used up.

  • Ucantnome
    I thought Gog was to invade the beauteous land before the end.
  • Phizzy

    They will go too far, I hope, and wake the majority of JW's up.

    Quite how far "too far" is so hard to say, I would have thought that any JW with two sparking brain cells would have left by now, but apparently not so.

    Or do none of them have two sparking brain cells ???

  • James Jack
    James Jack
    We have an open WiFi at our Hall and the COBE told me last week they are looking to block access to all websites except those run by the Branch.

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