How far will they go?

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    brandnew: Does anyone know of the dress code , in the carribean?

    I'm not prepared to give my exact location but I live on an island in the southern Caribbean.

    Here JWs are taught to dress conservatively and avoid worldly fads. I occasionally see the odd sister wearing shorter than acceptable skirts but it's not the norm and such sisters are invariably regarded by other JWs as not being the most exemplary.

    Sisters can't go on the platform wearing pants. Brothers can't do a meeting part on the platform without wearing a jacket. Brothers wear jackets when roving the mikes and doing stage duty. Beards are a no-no. If a brother has a beard he will be spoken to about it. He will not be allowed to have any privileges in the congregation if he's not clean shaven.

    One time at a convention I saw a visiting non-JW man enter the door with a stub in his ear (earring). An attendant went up and spoke with him and they both exited the door. A few minutes later the same non-JW re-entered the door without the ear stub. LOL.

  • Lieu

    When living in Central Am. The local dress shirt in FS, no jacket. The local dress shirt: 2 versions, long sleeve or short sleeve. In FS, no stockings, usually calf level cool skirt or dress. Shoes depend on season. Monsoon, rubber boots. Normal, nice opened toed for the ladies.

    In the KH, males will put on a jacket to give a part. That's about it.

    Dress in a presentable manner for the climate and customs.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    I forgot to mention FS attire where I'm at. Field service attire is the same as KH attire. The only difference is that brothers don't wear Jackets in field service.
  • careful

    Thanks to all! Judging from the number and quality of the responses, I think this is the most successful thread I've posted, so I appreciate the input.


    how does allowing facial hair or being more flexible on dress help them?

    How does Splane's pop music help them? If we say that it is some attempt to increase their appeal and thus increase membership, then doesn't the same reasoning hold for possibly loosening up on the formal dress?

    Is pop music or use of "worldly" consultants a "serious issue"? I haven't chosen these but the GB has.

    smiddy: thanks for the input. We'll see if they continue following this trend.

    listener, berrygerry: How does the pop music change the bottom line? Is that a business change?

    lumberjack: I do not see how anything in the OP can register as a complaint. I'm just reporting the org's modern history factually, no emotion, no judging. Then I'm wondering if the future of the trends we see will include changes in dress and grooming. That's all.

    Magnum: thanks. Your thoughts are deep and I think I've seen you express them before. You are surely onto something here.

    Nicholaus K: Well, maybe, but the CO is their hands-on, mega-loyal link to HQ. Would they give that up for local elders some of whom can be problematic? Of course, you never know…

    brand-new and Island Man: I went to the Caribbean while still in, and it was indeed as you, Island Man, put it.

    Please keep the input coming.

  • JWdaughter
    Meetings in basements, decentralized local governance all on in local Congregations, no reporting to branches. All they want is control of the money, now. People are a pain in the backside.
  • crazy_flickering_light

    Allowing facial hair, absolutly. Their some reasons: they get rid of wrong teaching, but this is not the main reason. What do a guy, awake, full in, MS and active to step down without giving a reason and don't get in trouble? Grow beard. What do a guy who like to show that he like to make trouble? Grow beard. What do a guy, who like to show how he thinks about all the stuff without telling to much? Grow beard. Sounds funny, but beard means mainly, you can think on your own and won't be afraid, even if they preassure you, to shave. You rebellious. So, if they say: "Brother's, you can grow beards, if it looks serious. Sisters, sorry, you not :)" they maybe start a hype. Something they don't like, but they make a point against the "revolution" from inside. There also some "bearded congs", like my cong. It's interesting to see: if one from the higher once stands up (MS) and grew a beard and nothing happens, there's a hype. The young guys starts also to try to get bearded, after a half year, they can't turn back, or they have no MS and so any more, if all bearded guys have to shave or step down. And I know the MS very well, nobody make stress about it. But he was waiting for it, he was very sad about it ;).A lot of people from the cong tells him, that he look much better.

    So, grew a beard if you in - we will be part of the "little flock". When it's allowed, you could only be part of the "big flock". :)

  • Syme
    While shunning is practiced, no "modernization"; only Dark Ages. All the other minor things are tricks.
  • punkofnice

    I don't think they've changed all that much. A TV evangelism show. Apathy trollies....not much different from Boozerford's day.

    It's all about money and power. The paedophile loving governing body will do whatever brings them the glory, cash and the power to abuse others.....plain and simple.

  • Finkelstein

    All the best modernization in the world is not going to wash over the lies, corruption and damage this organization has caused humanity.

  • Vidiot

    berrygerry - "...Freddie actually believed what the mushrooms were telling him..."


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