How far will they go?

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  • TheListener

    I see all the changes they've made so far as business changes. They seem to only change things that affect their bottom line.

    If they feel allowing people to dress how they want and to have facial hair would result in higher donations, they will do it.

    But I agree with others that once they relax the personal rules that dubs live by all bets are off and that their control using the BITE model won't be able to keep going. I feel that dubs love to be martyrs and pride themselves on standing out in certain ways - dress and grooming being one of them.

  • berrygerry

    They seem to only change things that affect their bottom line.

    This is what it is all about.

    Freddie actually believed what the mushrooms were telling him.

    These c-unts? (Hey Simon - Have you watched GOT?) Not a chance.

    Begging EVERY month.

    Follow the money.

    Do they have a horrific business model compared to the Mormons?

    Not even close.

    But these idiots have married themselves to doctrine.

    The GB, Service and Writing Committees, have painted themselves into a corner from which there is no exit.

    These idiots are going down with the ship, no matter how small that they make the ship in the next few years.

  • joe134cd
    When I walked out of the KH 3 years ago I would of never in my wildest dreams have guessed that they would be making the changes they are now. Will they change on dress and grooming? Possibly. Will they get new light on blood and disfellowshipping? I doubt it and even if they wanted to I don't think they could change it with out having a revolt on their hands. One thing is for sure it is no longer economically and membership viable to operate how they did less than 3 years ago. So will they let it crash and burn? Time will tell.
  • Lieu
    I think they'll keep elders. They're not paid reps. (Free management)
  • lumberjack

    @careful You complain about modernization and being too conservative at same time? I think conservatism is way to go, but where it only matters. I don't know what's this worldly way in music for example.

  • Lieu

    Being conservative in habits doesn't mean being a complete bore.

    I seriously doubt all those festivals and celebrations in the Bible were solemn quiet boring occasions.

    JWs would just die if a GB member pulled a David.

  • sir82

    I can see them allowing "well-groomed" beards at some point in the future.

    If they do it, it would probably be a trade-off instituted at the same time as something harsher, to distract the sheep.

    Maybe they'll allow beards, but also consider any sort of association with DF'ed family members a DF offense itself, or something similar.

  • brandnew

    Does anyone know of the dress code , in the carribean?

    We are i puerto rico, and i hate seeing pops come home hot, and sweaty!!😠

    If its on paper...does anyone know ? Maybe guayaveras, like in the philipines?


  • Magnum

    I don't know how far they will go, but, I think they should turn around and go back to where they were. JWdom used to attract stable, serious, intelligent people - people with depth to them. It used to stand out from other Christian-professing churches and religions, and it attracted sincere people who were turned off by such. It used to be (or at least appear to be) dignified, scholarly, bold, and serious, but not anymore. JWdom will no longer be attractive as it once was, and those it does attract will not be of the caliber of the ones it attracted in the past.

    The problem, though, is that JWdom can't really return to where it was because of the internet and because time has run out on its theology and predictions. JWs used to be sort of isolated. They could produce deeper, more analytical publications that awed many and that weren't exposed to scrutiny by outsiders and questioning JWs who could communicate with each other easily. The internet changed that. Now, that wouldn't work. It would be too easy to expose the wrongness of such publications.

    So, JWdom can't go back to where it was, and the new JWdom is shallow and churchy and weak and undignified and unscholarly. JWdom, in my opinion, can't win. The glory days are gone forever. I say it will start to go into decline soon.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I was thinking about the technology scenario. Budgeting for such falls to the congregation and individual. The changes strongly suggest downward pressure on costs as does elimination of DO's SP's and reduction of Bethelites.

    My congregation was visited by a relatively new and young CO. However, he sounds so institutionalised, bland, repetitive. He was very disparaging of higher education and use of web dating services. He drives a nice new car. Were I in his shoes, I might be somewhat anxious re the security of the CO role bearing in mind the retraction in other personnel grades. After all, CO's do represent a significant cost. Maybe their elimination could be the next cost saving feature. If so, no tears on my part!

    I recollect this possibility on another thread with speculation that the role msy be filled by "loyal" and "capable" elders.

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