Supreme Court Of Russia bans Jehovah's Witnesses as an 'extremist organization'

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  • zeb

    Perhaps the news of the ARC has been studied in Russia along with the many law-suits lost by the wts in their support of paedophiles.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    If you are a group that discourages voting, military service, and other forms of civic service, you should at least have your tax exemption revoked, or banned.

  • DJS

    If you will read the charges filed by the state, they are the very things we find disgusting and evil.

    They charge the JWs with destroying families, forced prevention of medical care with their blood transfusion policy and recruiting minors, encouraging 10 year olds to be baptized for example. We all loathe the DarkLord's for these things.

    In addition they teach superiority over all other religions, including the imminent destruction of all but the WT.

    Russia has the right and the law is clear. These teachings are extremist.


    I'm with OUTLAW. The GB believe, and teach, that all non-JWs should be executed. Sure, they say "Jehovah knows..." who deserve life, but they constantly "hint" that all non-dubs will go the way of the Dodo.

    Russia may be a bunch of dicks, but if you are an Xian, you should respect the "Superior Authorities." Why would the GB, the most humble of all Xians in all of history, disrespect the "Superior Authorities??!"

    On the other hand, if you must speak "the truth" as an Xian, then accept the consequences. You shouldn't bitch about the fallout if you say what must be said. Head chopped off??? So what?? Burned at the stake?? Yay!!! Jesus is so happy!!!

    You can't go around shouting about how the "Evil/ Satanic" Authorites will be destroyed, and then BITCH when they get angry. Isn't there a proverb about a live dog being better than a dead lion??

    The Evil Slave/GB may be deluded, or trying to validate themselves by conjuring up "persecution." If you were an American religion, wouldn't it be great if the "persecution"'was somewhere else?? Poor Russian Dubs.... They don't realize that they are pawns...


  • aboveusonlysky

    An organization that has shamelessly practiced shunning their own members now being shunned by their own goverment?

    There may be a proverb in there somewhere.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Well all I can say is Russia has them pegged. They are extremest and need to be disbanded for the negative harm they cause the Russian people who fall under the power of this end of the World cult.

  • WTWizard

    They teach that anyone that was once a member but has left, including those who tried leaving peacefully, are as good as dead. I am sure that, if the law allowed, they would slaughter anyone who left the organization. Does any legitimate organization do that?

    They also use deceptive measures to recruit. Families have their lives ruined. Holidays and birthdays are banned, as are every other rite that families have. They are preached into poverty, and that is getting worse with directives to quit work and pious-sneer combined with aggressive donation houndings. They go through people's stuff and snoop on them to "catch" them doing something "wrong". And when they do something wrong, they hide evidence and lie to make things worse for those seeking justice. They have excessive welfare receipt due to their attitude that people can seek welfare to pious-sneer.

    And what happens when members commit serious crimes? I cannot fault them when a member goes and kills (and even eats) a baby. But, when such an incident happens, does the perpetrator get exposed to justice once the congregation finds out? Or, do hounders hide the crimes to make joke-hova's name look good? For every one you hear about, there could be 50 more you don't hear a peep about because the hounders are doing a good job hiding them. You hear about the pedophiles, but what about the outright murders you don't hear about because the hounders do not report it when they find out? They should be first reported to the cops, then given a fair and proper trial, and then disfellowshipped if they are found guilty in trial.

    And the organization itself is getting worse. Beyond crimes that affect specific people, they are installing fear into children that, unless they obey the religion, they are about to be slaughtered. Those bunker videos at this coming Grand Boasting Session are enough. They are being hounded to sell out and move into tiny studio apartments--and this reminds people of 1975, which they buried. Then the washtowel hounds people to throw away the money into the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Afraid, not prepared for reality, those people are then left defenseless when the real problems come, which could have been survived by any moderately prepared worldly person without joke-hova.

    Of course, I do not believe that any program that doesn't agree with the Establishment should be banned. Otherwise, they could start another Dark Ages, worse than the first one. It could be that the Establishment is just as extreme as these other religions. They did such a good job at obliterating the real truth that it seems as "extreme" as the jokehovians. The real test is, does it do real damage to members? Do they have practices that result in damage, and then hide the problems? Do they hide people within their organization that commit major crimes just to protect joke-hova's name (or allah, for that matter)? Do they methodically terrorize people to get compliance? (Think: The bunker videos.) Those are the programs that need to go.

  • steve2

    Whoa WTWizard!! Is there a short version of your otherwise excellent response?

  • cantleave

    This will just play into the persecution complex. Letters will be written, prayers will be conducted across the world and of course donations will be raised. None of which will make a difference to the JW's in Russia.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Interesting that is so full of themselves that they never report on other religions facing similar 'persecution' in Russia.

    And while I am all in favor of freedom of (personal) religion and such, I can also see and understand that a government would want to take down any organistation that coerces it's members (and even former members) into shunning their family and refusing best available medical treatment. You're free to do so if you decide so personally, but any organization forcing people to do so should be taken down.

    JW are really not allowed to play the 'freedom of religion' card, as they do not respect that concept at all, especially not within their ownew group.

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