A Sad Note

by Yizuman 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Zoewrex


    How frightening and so sad. Please just take careof yourself and check in when you get a chance.

  • Yizuman

    Thanks guys.

    Her parents came by the VP store and left a money cup along with her beautiful picture asking for donations to offset the cost of the funeral and burial. I gave some money to help them. Hope others can too. I can feel for them as for how much a funeral and burial plot can cost.

    Today's my day off and the in-visiting Pastor for the shelter is here and I spoke to him about how I felt what happened to her and all and I felt a little better, still really doesn't patch everything up nor would it bring her back.

    I'll feel funny not seeing her smile or laugh when I mime funny things to her whenever I am there.

    I really hope she's at peace.


  • Yizuman

    Found some additional information pertaining to that bastard who killed her.

    Apparently he didn't run after he killed her. He's still at his house next door. The cops took his DNA to see if it matches the crime scene found there. I'm surprised he didn't run and I hope if it matches, they nail the bastard and stick his butt in prison.

    The funeral is today and I don't know if I wanna go or not. Hate to see a different image of her other than the image I have of her now. But I would like to say goodbye and to thank her for her kindness and friendship we had during the time I knew her. I'm still thinking about it.

    That's about it.


  • Joyzabel

    Go say good-bye, Yiz.

    It will help you grieve.


  • Yizuman

    Well, I went and said goodbye today. They had just opened an hr and half ago (1 PM) and will close around 9 PM. The casket was closed, so I am glad it was that way. I hate to see the current image of her go away being replace with a new one from her casket.

    This is hard and I know over time I'll heal.


  • Zoewrex

    I'm glad you went! I'm sure it helped her family knowing she was a light in other peoples eyes. Mourn and get well, make sure no one forgets her name.

  • BluesBrother

    May I add my condolances, Yizuman. One death of someone of our circle is harder to take than a thousand strangers.

    You know when I was a witness I believed that all "Good" people were in ,or going to be in, The Borg . Now I know better, and you make this girl seem as if we knew her.

    Please bear up under a very sad loss

  • Yizuman

    Thanks Blues and Zoe


  • mouthy

    Yiz if you want to send your addres via private e-mail please do I want to get in touch withyou privately.... [email protected] Grace--sorry about the young lass- at lest she is now safe in the arms Of Jesus I believe ( ducking again)

  • wednesday

    me too Yiz, i am so sorry horrible things like this happen. Why does God not stop this? Who knows


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