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  • smiddy3

    Didn`t the WTB&TS say that" Babylon The Great" actually fell in the year 1919 ? and that it was just a matter of time before it didn`t exist at all ?

    People were leaving religion in unprecedented numbers ? Tell that to the Muslims .

    " Babylon The Great Has Fallen Gods Kingdom Rules " The 1963 edition

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Don't the anointed have to go to heaven before the big A or die off first? Or is that old information? There is going to be alot going on during that time. Who is responsible for keeping the score card? That way we all know the proper order of everything that happens. Lol. Still Totally ADD

  • nowwhat?

    Before the gb are raptured to heaven they give the r&f the dirty work of telling people that they are doomed.

  • Fadeaway1962


    If I remember correctly Babylon the great fell spirituality in 1919 with the release of Rutherford etc

    We are now waiting for the literal fall of Babylon the great with the closing of churches and attendance dwindling , wait a minute that's happening to JWs

  • RubaDub

    Yes folks ... to those who have responded.

    Babylon "fell" in some year around 1918 (please don't make me look up the date, which makes no sense anyway).

    Then, the League of Nations (image of the wild beast) would be "was, but is not, but was" and then emerge as the United Nations or whatever the verse says.

    So the UN has to destroy all "false" religion then the UN/Nations will attack "God's People" ... or something to that effect. That brings on the Great Tribulation. Somehow Gog of Magog factors in somehow but I was never sure if Gog and Company were a separate force or mercenaries or something working with the UN. Maybe I missed that part of the Babylon book we studied so many times. I was but a child at the time.

    Personally, I think those who attack Islam will have their hanging down parts handed back to them in a jar and told to go home.

  • smiddy3

    I know its pretty hard to keep up with WT BS and ever changing evidentlys ,and surelys and such ,but isn`t the appearance of Gog and / of Magog happening after the thousand years or JC`s reign ?

    The final test that god puts humanity through ?

    As if 6,000 years of hell he has put us through isn`t enough ?

    Hang on didn`t I read somewhere that God doesn`t test anyone ?

  • Finkelstein

    I guess the CO will be dropping his pants on camera so that people can kiss his ass appropriately since they wont be able to do that any other way.

  • RubaDub

    but isn`t the appearance of Gog and / of Magog happening after the thousand years or JC`s reign ?

    smiddy ...

    The last I remember, Gog and Co. was leading up to the Great Tribulation and he had a hook or something in his jaw bringing them to the "faithful" and then God steps in to prevent the annihilation. That's when Armageddon begins, people get pulverized and then the unclean and hated birds have lunch.

    It can be a bit hard to put all the Ezekiel, Jeremiah and John (Revelation) pieces all together in one movie. That comment is not in jest. I really could never figure out how all the pieces (wild beast, image of the wild beast, gog of magog) and all of the flying horses in heaven all came together at the same time.

    Maybe the final version is still on the drawing board.

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