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  • lisaBObeesa
    For my own sanity, I had to separate from her emotionally, and just try not to think about it. Thankfully, she moved up to Seattle several years ago so I don't have to see her.
    Do I still love her? I try not to....

    This lady’s post made me sick. I feel so bad for her daughter! After a few more posts, I just could not read any more because I thought my heart would break .

    I think 'unconditional love' is one of the cruelest hoaxes Satan has perpetrated

    Ok, so unconditional love is from Satan.


    Most good people will NOT go to heaven.

    It is NOT sad when someone dies (resurrection, don’t ya know)

    You should NOT partake of the Bread and the Wine.

    It is a GOOD thing when an nonJW dies (Because then he could be resurrected after the big ‘A’)

    You SHOULD be judgmental toward people, especially your brothers and sisters in the faith.

    Sports and after school activities are BAD for your kids.

    Black is white.

    Up is down.

    Bad is good.

    It is like JWs live in OPPOSITE world. Lets see, what is the opposite of 'God's religion'?

    Oh and I hate the term ‘agape’ love. According to these posts, ‘agape’ love is NOTHING AT ALL. It is like ‘agape’ = ‘social politeness’. That’s not love. That’s fake BS. When ever someone says that it, is like they are saying, "I don't love you, but I do 'agape' you, just like I 'agape' my worst enemy because the Bible says to!'' Wow, thanks.


  • blondie
    I thought that the vast majority of these posters said there was no such thing in the Bible.

    That's true, waiting, the vast majority. I was stunned that even one would publicly post anything slightly different. It is not surprising that they do not love their family members or friends unconditionally, since they see God as the Big Father in the sky that requires perfect obedience in order for him to love them. The give verbal support to the fact that Jesus died for them while they were yet wicked and dead in God's eyes but do not apply that unconditional love to themselves or others. It is a sick, sick organization. But some still think there is some kind of unconditional love.

    Javaprincess said:

    That is unconditional love. Doing things for others despite the reaction that they show us. We do it cause it is within our power, because if it is acceted as a good thing it will make us rejoice. That is what unconditional love is. A love based on the happiness it brings us despite the pains and trials we meet along the way.

    And Moxie responds:

    My thoughts...

    Originally posted by Guppie
    I don't believe in unconditional love, from me to others, except to Jehovah. that is to say, that my love is conditional.

    If there wasn't such a thing as unconditional love, why would 1 Cor. 13:1-8 talk about it?
    There are two basic qualities of unconditional love - trust and respect.
    Can unconditional love for a person end? I believe it can. If someone betrays your trust and respect grievously - adultery, for example - that love can end.

    But Javaprincess doesn't give in:

    Ok so I guess that what we can say is this...Depending on the type of love we have for someone it can be unconditional...Agape Love is UNCONDITIONAL in the fact that it is a loved baced on principle and is a requirement from Jehovah that it is to continue.

    Also when we have a mate or a love intrest we feel for them eros, once that person hurts us or sins against us we then feel agape again because it is a love based on Principle. Then philia is a love we have for our brother's and sister's when they sin against Jehovah and no longer are our Brother's and sisters then we now go back to agape, again based on principle.

    Then there is Storge which is that natarual affection we feel towards are family...parents, siblings, children...and when they may commit a sin and we begin to see them as strangers our natural affection for them stops, or we may hope it stops. And then what happens...we go back to agape.

    so although TYPES of love may have conditions in the end we love unconditionally cause of that principle love that takes over no matter what happens...so the real thought should be which type of love can be unconditonal...and if that is the question then the answer would be agape.

    To which Spritzer responds:

    Well put, java.

    And then finally a male view, with Swidok:

    I have always understood the term "unconditional love" to mean love without strings attached. No "I'll love you if you love me back just as much" or "I'll love you if you do certain things for me in return" or "I'll love you if you stop doing this or that." Whether agape, storge or philia, just "I love you." It sounds simple, is hard for some yet really means something. It embodies loyalty and gives security. It is the kind of love that we, whether babies, children or adults of any age, need to thrive.

    That is at least one way Jehovah unconditionally loves us, in that he loved us and provided the ransom before we were even born.

    Then they descend in trying to have their personal view, and agree with each other, and then say all views are acceptable, and then a hardliner comes in.

    It basically, shows that they see that God and Jesus loved unconditionally when the ransom sacrifice was provided but then turn around and say that someone has to DO something to DESERVE it. Sorry for the caps but it is a point that bothers me about JWs. They don't know what love is, the WTS sees to that through its indoctrination. But there are some out there still clinging to that warm feeling of know that God loves us even when we are imperfect.

    PS***If anybody is unduly disturbed by this large does of WTS blather, I will put a disclaimer on.

  • ninecharger

    Righton, Blondie.

    Saw too much of this kindofshite at the Kindumb Hell..

    ""Those that don't see don't want to see..."


  • berylblue

    This is worse than nauseating...it is downright vile.

    A mother so terrified of losing her own life (by praying for an evil DF person and therefore pissing off Jehovah) that she won't pray for her own child?

    I am beginning to despise MYSELF for ever being part of this, and not seeing the inherent evil in this "religion" of "conditional" love. Including, apparently, Jehovah's love for his own creation which is, obviously, conditional on total obedience to the dictates of a Brooklyn publishing company.


  • sunshineToo

    You know, I feel sorry for that Miss Latte. It seems like she really loves her daughter but afraid to show it. I hope she would get a courage to break that ice and to reach out to her daughter soon.

  • blondie

    Rosemarie and everyone who was a JW, remember you woke up and changed. We aren't those people any more. Some day these people might wake up too.

    Blondie (who took 12 years to wake up AGAIN)

  • Xandria

    Deploy Barf Bags!


  • waiting

    I try not to be ashamed of myself for joining the jw's - and staying for 30 years. A smack to the forehead - yes. Shame - no.

    Why? WE WERE IN A CULT. We had our emotions twisted, hammered, seduced, to believe them. Sure, to an extent - we bought into it. Does anybody join a cult knowing ahead of time saying, "Oh, ok. Abuse me." We kinda fell into it. The kids born into it just had to wait to leave - if they figured it out. Ultimately, I was seduced.....but at the same time......I didn't leave.

    These people above, like Blondie said, show varying degrees of thinking style. From fear of Satan in everything....to fear of Jehovah killing them.....to thinking about context of love.

    Thanks for your last post, Blondie. Interesting.


  • waiting

    Bty Blondie,

    Something has made the original long post unreadable. Perhaps Jehovah protecting his organization? Or Satan teasing that stupid Satan Believer?

    If it can't be fixed, perhaps a click can be added?

  • cat1759

    This is the most pitiful thing I have read in along time. The distortion of unconditional love. The fact that this woman raised this little girl and at 2yrs old she knew the beliefs to be able to voice them.

    How many times were we admonished to show love in whatever form the jws state?

    The saddest part is that this woman who raised this little child to become the person she is today stays away from her own daughter. To talk to her one last time before she dies and she does not listen to her heart and soul crying out is even sadder. She has already condemned her to death. She has already given up hope of the life that is now occuring and for what? The society tells her so. What kind of love is this?

    I know my mom is happy I live far from her. It has made her life easier and I am glad. At least we email about the weather and we actually do tell each other we love you!

    I am so sick to my stomach right now and cant stop crying as this whole thing was a little more than I could bear.

    Have a good day.


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