Judge sanctions WTS - $4k per day penalty for not producing sex abuse documents

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  • ScenicViewer

    I may be confusing multiple court cases. Can anyone confirm or deny what I wrote below?

    I believe the case you referred to, that had a $13.5 million judgement and went through the appeals process, was the Jose Lopez case, which is still ongoing. The victim in the case in the OP is Osbaldo Padron. Both are victims of Gonzalo Campos, and the attorney for both victims is Irwin Zalkin.

    The article linked in the OP says...

    In 1982, then–18-year-old Campos allegedly tried to have sex with his 12-year-old roommate. The boy fought back, hitting Campos multiple times with a bat. The boy told church leaders and they promised to investigate. Four years later, Campos was again accused of molesting children, including Lopez and the other seven people who later filed lawsuits.

    So Campos has 8 victims that have filed law suits.

    It seems that attorney Zalkin has discovered a weak spot for Watchtower regarding the documents the court has ordered to be turned over. As others have noted, the sanctions will likely increase as Watchtower continues to defy the court's orders, and this will likely be compounded by having the same sanctions imposed over multiple cases in the future.

    This may be much worse for Watchtower than just the $4000 per day fine. If the fine eventually grows, and it happens again and again with each new case, it could turn into something big against Watchtower.

  • stuckinarut2

    For an organisation that claims to pride itself on morality and protecting children, what HARM could be done by abiding by the courts ruling?

    They are just appearing MORE GUILTY by failing to abide by the courts ruling!

    Its the same as they were during the Aust Royal Commision. Instead of seeing it as a good thing to protect children, they go on the defensive and claim 'persecution' instead of complying!

    We all want the same thing WT! Protection of children!

    The society just looks stupid and guilty by such an arrogant stance!

  • carla

    I wish this case would go national!

  • tiki

    Why are they so damned determined to protect criminal pedophiles?!?? I thought this was supposed to be a religion based on high moral principles. And dropkeylee....lawyers can be anything from upstanding citizens to scumbag sleazes. Not too hard to figure where the wt ones fit in on the scale.


    The next time that my "true believer" wife bitches about money, or my job, this will be a nice bitch-slap of truth...

    Can't pay the bills? Can't go drink and sun-bathe on a tropical vacation? Are you tired becuase your still working at 40+, with no sign of retirement in sight? Guess what?

    The WTBTS is shelling out $4K, PER F***KING DAY, to hide pedophile documents!! Think about THAT, when you drop your ice-cream money into the contribution box...



    Why hide Pedo documentation? Why is the "Evil Slave" hypothetical?


  • Gayle

    $4k/day to penalize the JWorg for documents is like penalizing a willful lawbreaker 'individual' only $4/day. Not much bite.

  • Wayward

    $4k per day doesn't seem like much, (and it really isn't) but if the WT keeps this crap up, the sanctions and fines can end up being much higher. This is just a warning shot on the court's part. Courts don't take well to having their orders ignored.

  • ToesUp

    The interesting thing is, how many other law suits are there and how many more could possibly be filed. If this $4000 fine happens in many other cases that come up, it could add up for WT. WT has been setting this up for a long time (bunker videos, shunning talks, etc). They have set it up to pull the persecution card when they need it. It will be the only card they can play when the child abuse law suits hit them between the eyes. The GB and there fancy lawyers really know what is going on. I believe a sh*t storm is coming for WT and they know it. The rank and file are oblivious and just keep following them like robots.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Im pretty sure this fine isnt in perpetuity. At some point they would be found in contempt. The purpose of the fine is to force action. If nothing happens it will escalate.

    I do have a question though......has this 1997 document ever leaked to us? Seems like the kind of thing that would have.

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