Absolutely worth seeing - Kevin from Dubtown tells about himself

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  • fastJehu


    @ Kevin
    I love your Dubtown videos. But this video - where you tell something about yourself - is the most valuable of all previous videos. Enjoy a cold beer

  • Magnum

    Just watched/listened. I'm impressed with Kevin. Seems to be a nice guy and really intelligent, well-spoken, & insightful. Thanks for posting.

    JWdom is losing people like him because they're too honest and smart for it. The ones that remain are the ones that deserve to be in it.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    JWdom is losing people like him because they're too honest and smart for it. The ones that remain are the ones that deserve to be in it.

    This is a valid observation. The WTBTS has been methodically getting rid of/pummeling into submission and isolating "intelligent honest hearted ones". If you submit to it, they will castrate you and take your soul, use what's left to its subservient potential and then discard it.
    Back to Point: The Doctor Kevin of DubTown has nailed Jw's in his series time after time. I appreciate him telling his story that he started this to help process his experience and move on. This is what it is all about, the mental and psychological rewiring of JW's indoctrination and Kevin helps all viewers process our indoctrination in a humorous manner. Many thanks to Kevin!

  • Diogenesister

    @Kevin Macfree's struggles with coming to term with knowing he will always be disabled, having looked forward to good health in paradise, is so very sad.

    I too am coming to terms with a beloved relative dying young and leaving their baby without a daddy. I always believed death was temporary - as did we all.

    It's absolute agony.

    Shunning is bad enough, but I always say 'while there's life there's hope'.

  • LongHairGal


    Wow, I never realized how cruel the teachings and beliefs of the Witness religion are to somebody like Kevin! He was brought up with the illusion that ‘any day now’ he would be relieved of the condition he has!

    It is bad enough that the rest of the ex-JW community has to deal with the mental loss of the ‘Panda petting paradise’. His disillusionment is a little harder. I wish him the best in finding happiness in dealing with the life he has and the next chapter which he will write.

  • DesirousOfChange

    JWdom is losing people like him because they're too honest and smart for it. The ones that remain are the ones that deserve to be in it.

    Hey, Magnum! I clicked LIKE on that because I related to this quote. So true! There is such a "brain drain" among JW's.

    Then I reflected on the fact that I remained in JWdom for 50 years -- including probably 5-10 years after I started my awakening. So maybe it does not apply to me -- at least the "smart" part of it.

    Let's review: It's a Cult!

  • Magnum

    DesirousOfChange, it does apply to you; that's why you're out. In the past decades, I think JWdom was actually attractive to smart people because it seemed to make more sense compared to other religions & denominations. The teachings on the condition of the dead, hell, the Trinity, etc. seemed to make such sense. The org seemed to not be money hungry (or at least not as much) back then. The crazy part was not obvious back then, and, the religion was bolder and more serious and seemed to be sort of academic. It was just a different era - a different religion - when we were in. We didn't have Google; we didn't have the information that is available today. The GB members were sort of hidden back then, and they seemed to be noble, scholarly, wise older men who lovingly cared for "the flock". Now, the curtain has been removed and we see them for what they really are.

    Now, the passage of time is making JW failed predictions look more and more wrong. Yeah, we had failed predictions back in our day, but we excused them for various reasons. It's been too long now and there have been too many; they just can't be excused anymore.

    So, you and I and many others can, I think, be justified for being JWs when we were. There were actually some really smart, honest, good people in the religion back then. And, even though I don't intend to make a blanket condemnation of people who are in now, I do feel that most of those who remain (including my own close relatives) must be lacking in something - intelligence, honesty, humility - something.

    JWdom cannot anymore attract people of the caliber of you or Kevin. Those days are over. And, I think that those who are still in and who are of that caliber will have to wake up and leave soon.

  • LongHairGal


    Your whole post is so true!

    In past decades it may have ‘seemed’ that the JW religion might have made sense on some level...it also did ‘seem’ less money hungry and ‘seemed’ to be academic. Also back then the GB were hidden behind their curtain and we did not see what we do today. The holy mystique is gone!

    I also agree that the best and the brightest of the religion have gone. I don’t include myself in the category of being ‘best’ because I was a fringe Witness who was raised Catholic and had a full time job which I refused to quit to appease these people..But, I was certainly bright.

    I won’t make a judgment either about all of those JWs who remain in the religion. I have no relatives there so I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what they thought of me....The people who remain cannot or will not see what we see. Some are probably there for family or financial ties or else they are too old to start over!

  • Lets Think
    Lets Think

    Magnum ,, totally agree. It is a different religion now. It has changed , its failed predictions etc, have show them to be just another reloigion or cult.

  • wannaexit

    I love dubtown

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