What are your personal reasons for hating the Jehovah's Witnesses religion ?

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  • Rocketman123

    You wont get DFed or counseled for going to college but its still frowned upon and discouraged.

    Dam that higher education, it never helped humanity in any form.

  • Overrated

    Critical Thinking Skills are Discouraged, viewed as running ahead, being prideful. This why higher education is frowned on where critical thinking skills is developed.

  • Cathleen

    To think that 8 men control 8 million. Crazy! In my congregation alone: they protected a child molester, by convincing the parent of the child not to go to the police. Said molester was DF for 6 months & moved to another congregation. An Elder wanted to step down because his daughter was sick with cancer. They would not allow it. His daughter died shortly thereafter. The response: we didn't know she was that sick. A couple of years later, this same Elder was DF & committed suicide. Another man, regular pioneer, suffered from depression. There was no care or concern for his circumstances. He also committed suicide. There was a young couple who went to the Elders with sincere questions. Things were happening they didn't understand. They were both DF as apostates; And lastly, it destroyed my family. For that, there is no forgiveness.

  • Rocketman123

    If you dont accept the power, ignorance and corruption that operates within the organization your in trouble, be vocal about it and your in real big trouble.

    The fact is the JWS is a highly controlling religious cult when you do a close analytical review of it.

  • Magnum

    "Hate" is not a strong enough word for me. I detest it. I served it in misery for decades. I was loyal. I defended it. It cheated me and deceived me and took my life. I was promised a reward that I should have been enjoying for, at the very least, 22 years, and, really, about 28 years now. I live an extremely difficult life now because of what it did to me. I have not even been able to post on this forum for weeks due to lack of time that results from my hard life.

    I lived it 24 hours a day. There were times when I was a regular pioneer that I would go to a meeting (school & service meeting) on a Thursday night after having worked and been in the ministry all day, and go back out in the ministry at night after the meeting (witnessing at convenience stores, putting mags in phone booths, etc.) just to meet my hours quota.

    I was exhausted, miserable, and poor the whole time. Yet, I could never do enough as a JW. I always heard about what I wasn't doing. I was nitpicked by self-righteous, glory-loving, dumb-ass elders. I was wrongly judged by many.

    The org's publications were awful - littered with grammatical wrongs, illogical reasoning, and just plain bad writing, yet I was supposed to praise them and look to them as being ideal. I suffered through decades of boring meetings with awful teachers - many who were outright ignorant, lacking in intelligence, and embarrassing.

    JWdom is self-righteous, goody-goody, deceptive, lying, selfish, self-serving, and cruel. Yeah, I HATE it, and I want to expose it for what it really it is. I want to see it go down. I want to see the eight chief buffoons suffer. I'd love to face them myself.

    footnote: It's not the really the religion (or teachings and system of worship) that I hate; it's the organization and a lot (but, not all) of the individuals who make it up. I have vast experience with church-going people and various denominations (such as Baptist, Methodist, Catholic), and I vastly prefer the JW religion over such. I have two non-JW, church-going friends whom I've known for decades and with whom I've reconnected in the past few years. I've discussed my disgust with JWdom with them and they both seem to think it's some sort of victory for them as if it validates their choice of religion. One asked me to go to his church and the other asked me to come speak at his church. I'm about to have a long talk with each and relate my extreme disgust with their choice of religion, too. I'm going to let them know that if I were forced to pick a religion and my choice was theirs or JWism, there would be no question to me. I'd choose the JW religion.

    These guys barely give up an hour or two on Sunday to go church and shake a few hands and then go out and eat. Their religions don't affect their lives at all. They do whatever they want whenever they want. They have no idea what's in that book that they take to church (when they choose to go). One of them didn't even know that the book of Luke is in the New Testament. I quoted him Lu 13:24. He didn't like the implication of the words and he asked me whether that was in the New Testament. I guess he was going to say it didn't apply anymore if it was not. They are both ignorant. They are both self-serving. At least JWs do practice their religion (more so in the past).

  • Rocketman123

    The pressure to serve in service and other JWS activities is pretty strong and has been for a long time, the time in the late 1960's was especially hard and aggressive .

    Interesting that now the requirement is less than it used to be for hours in service for qualifying to be a pioneer .

    Now days the JWS just stand by a literature rack on the streets.

    Good grief

  • FedUpJW

    Hate is just the opposite sign of the same coin that has love on the other side.

    Both emotions expend precious energy.

    I have neither for JW's.

  • Rocketman123

    I hate the fact that is was false prophet charlatanism that virtually built this organization from the ground up and all of its containing wealth and power.

    The Watchtower Corporation proclaimed things that never happened but they certainly distributed and circulated a lot of literature.

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