Anyone heard this re: Prince antics?

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  • Robdar

    Wow, Prince's wife must be a fine piece of ass. I bet when she opens her legs to him, rose petals come floating out.

    I'm thinking that when the honeymoon is truly over, so is Prince's experience with the JWs.

    Robyn--of the call me jaded class

  • Xandria

    Sorry cannot get it to past correctly.


  • teejay

    Has sort of an Asian flavor. I've heard worse, but I wouldn't buy it.

  • Abaddon

    The poor guy. He had a kid who was profoundly deformed and got sucked up when he was vulnerable.

    I wonder though if he knows he ain't gonna get sucked up, at all, ever more, or did ol' Larry miss out the Borgs attitude to Head when studying?

    And this was suprising;

    Prince led his incredibly tight band through the usual hits, but also rarities like "Bambi...

    Bambi is one of his most sexual songs! The guitar riff in it is as close to ucking you can get on a six-string!! It's a love (well... lust song... )song directed at a teenage lesbian whose never been with a man!!

    I knew from the start
    That I loved you with all my heart
    But you were untrue.
    You had another lover and she looked just like you
    Bambi, can't you understand?
    Bambi, it's better with a man

    It's so hard to believe
    Maybe it's because you're so young
    Or maybe I'm just too naive
    Who's to say, maybe you're really having fun

    Bambi, can't you understand?
    Bambi, it's better with a man

    All your lovers--they look just like you
    But they can only do the things that you do
    Come on, baby, and take me by the hand
    I'm gonna show what it's like to be loved by a man

    Bambi, I know what you need
    Bambi, maybe you need to bleed


    ... oh yeah, that would 'go down' really well at a little get together. Instant JC, reproval, withdrawl of priveledges.

    Wonderful how Witnesses don't want to be 'any part of the world', but as soon as someone famous shows an interest they are besides themselves with glee and brown nose like crazy.

  • ColdRedRain

    You should honestly get to know the guy that he studied with to become a dub. The last time I saw him, the guy reeked of liquor and he was bumbling worse than Ozzy Osbourne.

    It's no wonder why Prince (Or whatever symbol he uses these days.) has now turned freakier than he's ever been. (And living in Prince's hometown, I've seen every one of his freak shows on the local news.

    IMHO, it's a good fit. A cult that turns people into freaks meets up with a person that's a freak show.

  • Zoewrex

    Prince is the new JW Poster Boy! YEA THAT'LL LAST!

    While reading this I too thought it funny how JW's latched onto this and how 'worldly' he is. Somehow I wonder how he's going to go out in service?

    HEY when is Kevin Smith releasing this and what's it for? I just had a Redbank NJ journey this past weekend. Did the tourist thing and took photos of Quick Stop & went to the Secret Stash.

    Thanks for posting this info - will send it out to my current Prince friends.

  • Ravyn

    I met Prince in 1984 when I was a JW and he wasn't yet. He told me his mother (and aunt) was and she was pressuring him. He asked alot of questions. I am so sorry they got him in the end.

    what I can't understand is how the Borg can allow these celebs to continue with the fame and attention. When I was dub back in the 80's in Hollywood it was not encouraged and if you were in the industry and became a JW it usually meant you left your job. I knew a couple of stunt men who were JWs, and considered weak and sitting on the fence. I did extra work myself and some info-mercial crap and they like to had a fit! How do the Williams sisters and now Prince get away with it? In the 80's even JWs(the 'good' ones) thot MJ was a weirdo. If he was still in now, he probably would not have as many problems. What did the lights of Hollywood get 'brighter' or something?


  • RunningMan

    I wonder how many people he will take with him when he leaves the organization.

  • smurfette

    Not how I pictured the man who gave us "Pussy Control" would end up!

    Before I left in '93 I remember rumors prince was being witnessed to. My mom is friends with a JW guy from Hopkins who did hair for HBO specials and for Prince who used to talk to him. Maybe Cold Red Rain knows who I mean. My mom moved to Hopkins/Minnetonka hall after I left and will not answer any questions I've had regarding Prince/JW's and seems very uncomfortable with the whole thing. Maybe her reluctance to talk about the subject has something to do with the guy he studied with or maybe it's just his general freak like behavior.

    Did anyone see the old TV show Sinbad when Prince & Chaka Khan were on and preaching to Sinbad?? I found it hilarious!

  • Pistoff

    This is for real; I have in-laws in his congregation and have seen him at convention.

    I wondered when the self righteous attitude would come out.


    Hey! let's start a pool on how long it will take him to ash-can this cult!

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