Anyone heard this re: Prince antics?

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  • OrbitingTheSun

    I wonder if he donates the proceeds to the WTBTS. How many hours of service a month does he do? He could be Prince The Pioneer.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    LOL at Orbiting.

    I wonder if he's reporting those hours spent with the fans mentioned in the article. Hmmmm.

  • Nic

    Do you think they call him Brother Prince when he answers up at the meetings? I bet his baptism got announced at the assembly!

  • blondie

    Nic, I'm sure they call him Brother Nelson (or whatever) and that his baptism was not announced at the assembly/convention. But....the congregations I have attended have announced people's baptisms by name at the Service Meeting shortly following.


  • Shakita

    He probably counted his "discussion sessions" as service time. Very innovative of him, don't you think?

    Prince also has the "star" potential the Williams' sisters do in being able to use their huge audience of fans to bring more people into "God's loving organization". The org. loves this kind of advertising, and will likely put up with any transgressions on their parts (as long as they don't go and make a "Thriller" album) because the end result is more recruits....hence more power and $$$$$$.

    It just goes to show you that anyone is vulnerable to being sucked into the fantasy world of borgdum. The society tells its members to look for those who have "a change of heart".....meaning, look for people who are weak and hurting... Prince fell into this category after his son's death....he was a target for any group with "all" the answers. I feel sorry for him, in a way, he is just another victim....albeit a rich one.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • ScoobySnax

    So Prince has become a JW?........ well thats gonna make him popular on this forum. I wonder if he's all that worried?

  • hyperpen

    I am sure that his "time" spent giving concerts is recorded also as he is preaching the "message" in nearly every song now. All he has to do to pioneer is go on a world tour!

  • Boostress

    Looking at the NPG board, people are discussing and asking questions about JW. Thinking about it seriously it seems to me, and I think that y'all should embrace this. His club has people who've listened to him for 25 yrs on down to a few years. And those on the board are just as passionate! People are taking their kids to his concert, as he invited them to. He's having fun and showing great musicianship and not preaching...just leading by example.

    Prince will lead many to the JW faith. And that's not a bad thing. He actually takes part in the religion, yes?

    I'm not JW, am AME...thanks to NPG board, I have a better understanding of JW. Particularly about not celebrating birthdays and not accepting blood transfusions and such. As a kid, I just felt sorry for the JW kids I knew cuz people teased them for not being the same as everybody else.

    I don't see Prince turning on this religion (unless compelled with all of us) because he was introduced and ministered to by one of his idols, Larry Graham. Larry Graham is someone Prince trusts, admires and respects. And he made it thru the Sly stage intact...many musicians have not.

    Y'all really need to ride this Prince wave. He is top of form, drug free, living right and is trying to really be a part of the religion from what I can see. And God his helping too: his birthday was last Monday and he pointedly advised that his faith doesn't celebrate that (now that I'm more mature, I realize that every second, every day is a birthday!). People come up to me remarking on how mature and intelligent he is, and that they didn't know he was JW.

    Thanks for letting me post. Let Prince keep doing what he's doing: turning more people on to JW and not bashing them over the head with it. No one likes to feel forced into anything.

  • Latte
    The discussions sometimes went on for hours, I was told, with Prince asking, for example, "Do you believe in God?" If you answered no, he asked you to step to the other side of the room, and then he would start a discussion about why you were wrong.

    Ya gotta admit?.seems the guy's perfect elder material!

    I feel very sorry for him really??I believe his mothers dying wish was for Prince to become a Dub, what a guilt trip she loaded onto her already mixed up son. Shame on her????.



  • SixofNine

    I saw Prince this past Friday. I can assure everyone that he is not, as of yet, allowing the religion to have a say in his show. (I do understand that he has backed off of some of the more explicit stuff he used to do, but I can assure you, any of us who did what Prince does in front of a crowd, would be quickly disfellowshiped for it).

    But how completely hypocritical for this religion, which didn't have a place for a person who simply chose to wear a beard, to not conspicuously distance itself from Prince.

    Btw, go see a Prince show if you possibly can.

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