Babylon has fallen...

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  • mikeflood

    Could you guys believe this über Borg 'friend' ?

    He says that Babylon has fallen because all of the coronavirus restrictions (and the resultant less revenue) are gonna destroy them symbolically. So he thinks this are the last, of the last, of the last days. Urged me to check the on-line conventions. Thoughts?

  • RubaDub

    When I was a kid, we went through that Babylon book at the book study more times than I wish to think about.

    That's when Freddie (Franz) was the guy who did the interpretations.

    I have about 5 copies of the books in various places in the house and storage, and I look at it now and think, "how did we do that?" For guys, sort of like wacking off with 100 grit sandpaper but in the end, was it worth it?

  • Mr.Finkelstein


    Yes he's a delusional retard that has sucked up too much of the JWorg. fear mongering provocations..

    Maybe you should ask this genius whats going to happen to Babylon when there is a vaccine distributed and people like the JWS return to their Kingdom Halls ?

    Jws are not in the mainstream of truth by any means but indoctrinated in fear, superstition and ignorance.

    Perpetrated by a corrupt disingenuous religious publishing house the WTS.

  • waton

    If I remember right, babylon fell first,(according to wt doctrine then) when the wt directors were release from captivity in Atlanta GA penitentiary.

    That wording was later changed to " babylon the great has a fall in 1918.

    Sorry wt you were and are wrong Religion as a power is stronger than ever. see Sphia Hagia)

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    ......and people wonder why JWS walk around with a delusional shit for brains smile on their faces.

  • smiddy3

    " destroy them symbolically" WTF does that even mean ?They are not literally destroyed just destroyed symbolically

    These people are getting nuttier and nuttier as the years roll by .

  • vienne

    His interpretation is not at all Watchtower doctrine. Maybe you should counsel him about 'running ahead.'

  • JoenB75

    It had so come to pass, that our city Jerusalem had arrived at a higher degree of felicity than any other city under the Roman government, and yet at last fell into the sorest of calamities again (Josephus, Wars 1:4)

  • JoenB75

    Yes you must not run ahead of the old slave, that is just mean

  • sir82

    Delusional people say crazy things. The more delusional they are, the crazier their sayings are, as they try to align reality with their beliefs.

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