Advice on family waking up to TTATT

by Jules Saturn 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Phoebe

    Jules Saturn

    Your parents are only in their 50s. Still time to have a life after JW. I have just woken up and I'm 64. I wish someone had tried to wake me up when I was in my 50s or younger.

    It's a lot harder to accept being woken up when you are older. It's like your world just imploded.

    If I had been younger, I would have had choices. When you are older all you have is regrets. You can't go back and start again. They took your life. It's incredibly hard to accept that you've had a wasted life.

    Having said that, for all the pain it's caused me, I am glad I now know the truth. No one wants to live a lie and if, like me, they will still believe in God, it's an opportunity to build a relationship with him. A relationship that isn't built on lies from an organization.

    I am glad to have woken up, even though I am much older.

  • Vidiot
    Desirous - "Sometimes I wonder if we would be better off to have just taken the Blue Pill and lived 'happily ever after' in WT Bliss."

    The increasingly evident fact that the Blue Pill was not going to give me a "Happily Ever After" was a significant factor in my fade.


    You know, looking back at my posts, I realize there were a lot of "significant factors" in my fade.

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