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  • contramundum

    When I joined this site 2 years ago I recognised a friend from their posts, so it is possible.

    I have never breathed a word to anyone else, only that friend, but the knowledge that we can be recognised by our words was enough to prevent them from posting for a some time.

    I felt responsible for limiting their freedom of speech for a while.

    I am sorry, my friend x

  • scotsman
  • UnshackleTheChains
    Everyone has the curiosity bug
  • ttdtt

    I do know that one of my COs in the past assigned one elder to monitor the Social Media sites the teens in the hall were on.

    Even when I was in I thought that was a scum bag move.

  • Wakanda

    Ttdtt, that is exactly what I was thinking. If anyone with external plumbing suspects apostates, or a circuit has 'apostate activity' I could see the c.o. assigning one or two elders to watch sites like this. He could look back on a suspects history and have an elder from an old congregation or two monitor this site also. If they spend all night on a stake out, they would welcome staying home reading this stuff and making notes on each of us to narrow down the apostate! Family ruining Assholes.

  • Sliced

    I asked a very similar question a few years ago when I first joined this forum. The GB and elders are looking for higher ups- and leakers of wonderful videos like the ones Lloyd Evans just posted on his John Cedars channel. If you are just an average "Joe" have no fear- and even if you're not an average "Joe" have NO FEAR! lol The paranoia and suspicion is normal when you are first coming out or first joining a forum- it gets better and easier. You'll soon see that on your own and begin to trust things more as time goes on.

  • Sliced

    BUT---- just to add: Yes, you could and most likely will be monitored if you give yourself away on here. Use common sense if you are fading... or questioning things... if you're not-- then who gives a $heeettt! ;)

  • Phizzy

    It is very doubtful that GB members bother to look at this Site, they give the job to a lowly minion, but I am sure that they certainly take note of what is going on here, and on Sites like this,anti-Jw.

    I have observed over the last decade too many instances where they respond to what we are saying to doubt that they are monitoring us.

    As to individual Elders, I doubt many trawl here, but it only takes one in YOUR case to blow your cover. Slip in things that really do not apply to you, Talk of your three kids if you only have one or none, etc. It makes no difference to us who are reading your posts, but it will make a hell of a difference if you are outed and do not wish to be !

    Be devious ! be safe ! string the buggers along !

  • AllTimeJeff

    If this is something one wonders about, to each their own. My personal thoughts are, the GB and some high rankers absolutely visit here. It's human nature. And as I am sure they have realized by now, they are only, all too human.

  • p00fta

    Whenever I visit or post to this site, I make certain to use my real name and always do so in a public place with at least two people behind me able to see what I am typing.

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