Proof the GB changes scriptures in the Bible...really interesting

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  • Hadriel
    @Vidiot I know it was my poor attempt at satire.
  • baker
    My 2 cents would be to change "men" in Mat 15:9 to "governing body"
  • Crazyguy
    I can see how the change can be exploited the words " profit" and "merchandise". They could then say all that is yours you followers of the slave is our and should be handed over at anytime we say, since you are our slaves.
  • Vidiot

    @ Hadriel...

    It wasn't that poor.

    Rather clever, actually.


  • Finkelstein

    Of course the head writers of the WTS would change certain wording of their own bible to better serve their organizations agenda of proliferating their own literature, as well self interpret certain Scriptures to support that endeavoring agenda as well.

    JWS are trained. indoctrinated and designed sales representatives to the Watchtower Corporation and are enforcedly avowed to uphold the doctrines the WTS creates toward the core agenda of literature proliferation.

    Logic follows reason.

  • Vidiot

    Finkelstein - "...toward the core agenda of literature proliferation."


    These days, I'd say that core agenda is a little less "literature proliferation", and a little more "base survival in the terrifying Information Age".

    To-may-to / to-mah-to, though.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes I agree Vidiot .

    The WTS. more or less painted itself into a corner with its elongated proclamation that Armageddon was imminent, " This Generation " doctrine. etc.

    The actual use and title name of the Watchtower was also made to support the notion that this religious organization had something vitally important to bring forth to the public.

    To make matters worse there is the newly developed age of information easily available through the inter - net which the WTS has to contend with that exposes all of the organization's devised false doctrines the WTS made throughout its history.

    The GB know that the WTS created a tainted commercialized version of the Gospel, but its their pressing job to make everything still look viable, hence the overlapping doctrine.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes. They do change the scriptures to fit their own agenda. Interesting find.
  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Although the WTS amends the text to suit its own ends, the sad fact is that this has been going on ever since the writings were first produced. So much so that those who study textual criticism bemoan the fact that they will never be able to unearth the original text.

    Today there is a variety of sources as well as a number of canons. For example, while the early Christians preferred the Septuagint, the Jews denied that source and have only accepted the Masoretic Text, which is about 1000 years younger. Not that there is a single Septuagint, with variants being produced by Symachus, Theodotian, etc.

    The witness provided by the Dead Sea community shows that only the scroll of Isaiah reflects the present-day text. Others, such as Habbakuk, vary from the texts we use today.

    And Isaiah is a composite writing, with the first 39 chapters being assigned to Isaiah of the 8th century while the remainder, which was written in his style, was prepared 200 years later by the neo-Babylonian exiles (including the WTS's beloved Isa 43:10).

    So the text and the canon have been and remain fluid. Some scholars would like to revisit the NT Canon, inasmuch as some writings are incorrectly attributed to Paul and to Peter.

    Just keep track of the WT's interference with the text it accepts (from 19th century Christendom) and anlayse the reason for the changes it makes.


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