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  • Jourles

    I am starting a new thread so folks do not have to search through several pages of posts to find this image. The original thread was here. I received the following fax this morning from my old ISP( was coincidentally moved the same day I received notice regarding this copyright infringement for bandwidth purposes) and was seven pages in length. Only the first page is pertinent as the rest are only screen captures of the gallery.

    Scan of letter -

    **edited to cut down on unnecessary image downloads for people who have already seen the letter or downloaded it**

  • waiting

    wow........waddago Jourles.

    I've got to return to work - so don't have much time, but am duly impressed.


  • Scully

    I bet Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]) would be most grateful if you notified him of IrishDancinJames' copyright infringement, by unauthorized use of copyrighted Watchtower material on his video A New Dawn.

    Love, Scully

  • Hamas


    You do a fantastic job ! The Watchtower is beginning to lose their cool; they are starting to crack.

    Please, do whatever you can to beat these copyright bullies ! You are contributing to the great worldwide apostate effort to bring this house down. I am with you 100%, if I can do anything for you let me know.



  • izobcenec

    The best way to fight that kind of "censorship" is inflation
    of those letters...They should be put on many webpages,
    maybe they will close one down but ten more will rise...

  • Scully

    Not to worry..... there is a plan.

    Love, Scully

  • Jourles

    Wouldn't it be something if Raymond Franz published a new book and reproduced all of the BOE letters in it providing liberal commentary to boot? The WTS would crap their pants. I wonder if the Society would go after Ray if he did such a thing? Probably not. But it would be an awesome sight to see them try!

  • Elsewhere

    Interesting... they did not mention the books... only the letters.

    Since when are letters copyrighted?

    Hey Jourles, it looks like the letters you are displaying are not forgeries as some JWs say.

    Have you talked to a lawyer? I am wondering if letters can really be copyrighted. You also need to respond to the WTS Legal Department asking them to provide you with an itemized list of all items that are copyrighted and to provide written documentation that demonstrates that the items in question are in fact copyrighted. Even if some items can be legally declared as "copyrighted", it does not mean that you must remove every single letter. You would only need to remove the select items that are in violation. Therefore, do not do a bulk removal of the letters. Only remove what is legally declared to be in violation.

    Just because they make the “assertion” that something is true, does not make it so. Make them prove what they claim.

    Remember, the letter says that they have "a good faith belief" that the letters are copyrighted. The whole letter has a really big MAYBE written across it.

  • Jourles
    Interesting... they did not mention the books... only the letters.

    That is because the books' copyrights were never renewed. The Society had 28 years to renew the copyrights after the publishing of them. This only applies if the books were printed prior to 1964. Hence, since the WTS thought that armageddon was imminent, they must have thought, "Why bother?" Or that is what some think what happened...

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Interesting! So, Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]) is a lawyer for the Watchtower, with an email address of ([email protected]) .

    So if anyone else knows of potential copyright violations of Watchtower, maybe they should contact Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]) so he is aware of it. I wonder if there is anything else we could send along to Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]) ?

    Up until now, it has been difficult to contact individuals working for the Society, but now at least Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]) has an email address. I see how it is made up of his first initial, then the first seven characters of his last name. I wonder if anyone else there has an email address? I wonder if it would be similar?

    I have heard how sometimes people, when they find out someone's email address, will mischieviously sign them up for unsolicited email. I hope no one here gets any ideas about doing something like that to Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]). I am sure Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]) would not appreciate that.

    Yes, I find it very interesting that Mr William E Duquette Jr ([email protected]) has an email address for those who might want to contact him.

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