J.R. Brown: Quotes, Contradictions, Lies, Deceptions, Theocratic Warfare!

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    J.R. Brown, a national spokesman for the organization, said that while Jehovah's Witnesses deal strictly with child abuse within the congregation, it isn't the church's job to report abuse. "Nothing prevents them from calling the authorities," Brown said. "They don't have to call us first. These things operate separately. If the offender is part of the congregation, we will deal with it in a church setting. But if they are also reported to the authorities, we will not try to shield them

    Bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!!!!!

    This statement is in regards to my brothers case. The molester was not reported by the witnesses, in a reporting state!!! The elders covered it up.

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    Agree with Kenneson! Great timing, Undf, for you to re-enter the building and bring all of your great threads back to the forefront! Welcome back!

    As for JR's "Quotes, Contradictions, Lies, Deceptions, Theocratic Warfare!" - there could not be a more perfect example of that than what has been publised all over the country today in the AP articles re: the ongoing Silentlambs Summit in Nashville this weekend...

    I posted this comment in the AP articles thread (in the Child Abuse Section 3/27/04), but will post it here as well as it deserves to be 'etched in stone' in the J.R. All-Time Hall of Shame:

    From: Houston Chronicle.com

    March 27, 2004, 7:07 PM

    Jehovah's Witness sex abuse victims hold caucus
    by the Associated Press

    J. R. Brown, public affairs spokesman at world headquarters of the Witnesses' Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, in New York City, said the religion agrees with silentlambs' goal "to minimize or eliminate the sexual abuse of children," but disputes the group's specific allegations.

    "We do not view them as our enemies," Brown said.

    Oh really, now? This is a perfect example of the WT's 'whitewashed grave effect' in action... (ie, "make nice" with the media and the public, but stab in the back the JWs who took a stand regarding abuse.)

    If the WT does not view Bill Bowen, Barbara Anderson, and later Joe Anderson, et al, as "enemies," then why, pray tell, were they df'd after the Dateline airing?

    Here's why/here's the "interpretation" for the unknowing media and public in general: They were df'd so that what they/silentlambs have to say would be 'discredited' in the eyes of JWs "in good standing," and the JWs would NOT be able to talk to them or 'believe' what silentlambs is saying about the abuse issue, since they were disfellowshipped.

    What a total hypocrite that JR and his cronies are!

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    This J.R. quote, from yesterday, Friday, 3/26/04, in The Tennessean article re: the Silentlambs Summit...


    Friday, 03/26/04 | Middle Tennessee News & Information

    Group renews charge that Jehovah's Witnesses
    indifferent to sexual abuse

    Staff Writer

    ...Brown said, ''I don't know of any religious organization that has required all of its ministers to report every case of child abuse.''

    (Where have you been JR? Try keeping up with what the rest of the 'religious world' is doing regarding abuse issues, because you guys ARE LAGGING SO FAR BEHIND IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! You should be ASHAMED! As I read elsewhere in this forum today, is not the WT SUPPOSED to be the 'leader' in Christianity, setting the PRIME EXAMPLE for others to follow? J. R., you have made yourself look a total FOOL by making the above statement!) Then the news article continued...

    However, some religious organizations, including the Roman Catholic Church, do require clergy to report all cases of sexual abuse to the police.

    Way to go Brian Lewis, reporter, for setting the record STRAIGHT!

    SEEEEEEEE, JR? Get your head out of the confines of the ivory tower and pay attention!


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    #We do not view them as our enemies," Brown said. #

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure ya don't!

    And like Paul Gilles said, we don't need to FOCUS on the numbers of molestation victims.

    Of COURSE not!

    Dammit, how DO they sleep at night??????


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