Anyone else remember the Awake saying this?

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  • BottanicPepper

    I may have put this in the wrong thread. If so, I'm sorry.

    My conundrum is this...

    I am almost completely certain that an Awake back in the 80's/90's mentioned a group of rock bands we shouldn't listen to and I seem to remember them actually naming Guns and Roses.

    I can't find anything now, and I'm wondering if it's the Mandela effect, or if it's another case of the CDROM versions of the Awakes being doctored again.

    Does anyone else remember this? Or am I crazy? lol. Probably.

    I know we had talks from the platform about it, but I was certain it was in print.


  • ScenicViewer

    I remember a Circuit Overseer mentioning Guns and Roses in one of his Kingdom Hall talks. Those names supposedly referred to the male and female sex organs, according to him.

    I don't know if this was published in the Awake or other literature.

  • Atlantis

    Unfit For Ears And Eyes

    Awake-1993-February-22nd-pg.26 (There is another quote about Guns & Roses in the 1992 Awake as well.)
    Guns & Roses

    Click the image to zoom in.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The talk I remember was very carefully worded to not open any critism or legal issues. They said: "some of you, even in bethel, listen to music from bands with names that contain guns or dead. Is this Christian?"

    Meanwhile gay bland singers were OK.

    Since then they used Eternal Flame (if I remember the name right).

    Grateful dead made folky songs, I have baited witnesses with their benign sounding music more than once, then tell them who. Others are very good musicians ,composers and arrangers; Sting, enya, pink floyd, even Beatles.

    Contrast the kingdom maladies, which if people liked were either deleted or rewritten

  • Earnest

    The two Awake! articles referred to by Atlantis above can be accessed here (1992) and here (1993).

    Death Metal—What’s the Message? (1992)

    Even the more mainstream heavy-​metal groups purvey messages that are hardly less grotesque. Time magazine reported that the two record albums by the heavy-​metal group Guns N’ Roses sold over 1.5 million copies in three days. Yet, the albums continue what Time calls the band’s “unrelentingly sexist and uncompromisingly violent lyrics” and “their forays into xenophobia, racism and sadomasochism.” They also feature such themes as oral sex, homicide, and a profusion of profanities. Several chains of stores have refused to sell the records.

    Can Music Really Hurt Me? (1993)

    Take heavy-metal music​—a particularly noxious form of hard rock that is usually played at ear-splitting volume. Heavy-metal bands typically sport names like Poison, Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses, and Slayer. Time magazine said: “The band names alone conjure up images of mayhem, torture and death.” The same can be said of the horrifying artwork that adorns the album covers and that often depicts satanic symbols.

  • Atlantis

    This is what the Tower said about "Prince"--"Ice-T"--and "Madonna"!


    Music: Both rap and heavy metal music have recently come under increasing fire for similar content problems. Songs that glorify the sexual degradation and abuse of women, violence and hatred toward various races and policemen, and even Satanism have all been found among rap and heavy metal records. In some areas, records with such explicit material must carry warning labels. But as the rapper Ice-T reportedly admitted, he puts shocking lyrics in his songs just to earn such a label; it guarantees luring the curious. The rock star Prince sang the praises of brother-sister incest. Often, music videos simply give such crass immorality an added visual dimension. Pop star Madonna’s video Justify My Love won notoriety for portraying sadomasochism and homosexual activity. Even MTV, a U.S. TV channel known at times to broadcast immoral videos with little compunction, refused to air this one.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    AXL ROSE is an anagram of ORAL SEX

    (He is lead singer of G & R for anyone unfamiliar with the group) Knocking on Heaven's Door - Live Paris 1992 probably one of my all time favourite tracks.


  • Biahi

    I’d like to know which chains of stores would refuse to sell certain music, they are in business to make a profit, not appease certain sensitive folks.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @Biahi: Well, if your clientele is primarily sensitive folks, then it would make sense not to put out certain types of products. If your customers are asking for a specific thing and you don't carry it, you have to weight the risks and benefits as a business owner.

    There are tons of people right now that stopped doing business in Russia because they hope they can put out a message. Others remain in Russia, because they have big stakes there and in China. Time will tell what will be profitable for them, bite the hand that feeds as they say.

  • Marbles

    "Those names supposedly referred to the male and female sex organs, according to him."

    Ironic. Did the Circuit Overseer also mention that a "garden" is symbolic for the womb, and the serpent is symbolic for the penis- in other words, male and female sexual organs?

    It's all sexual fantasy, in my opinion, which is why religion seems to attract so many pervs. Many of these songs are in fact erotic passion and are influential. I don't think the solution is to ban them, though. It's to recognize them for erotic passion, and perhaps not confuse erotic passion with "love." Also, I think I mentioned somewhere on this forum that the Garden of Eden myth is just a plagiarized version of the Greek myth the Garden of Hespirides, in my opinion.

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