Just how much of a dramatic FLOP is this NEW LIGHT?

by Terry 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Listener

    As far as I can work out, the old light is that if you practised vile things you would get a resurrection, as long as you weren't sinning against the Holy Spirit. Once you were resurrected, if you practised vile things then it would prove that you had been resurrected to a one of judgement. A resurrected could practice vile things but only for a short time, a number of years, maybe less than 100 years.

    With this new light, no one will be allowed to practice vile things during or after the 1,000 years. How sinful people aren't able to physically sin is a mighty feat but they want to create the 1,000 years as being peaceful and like paradise. You can't have people going around doing vile things and call that paradise.

  • Terry

    Jehovah seems clueless and in need of further data - if the resurrection is to have
    any purpose. Otherwise, He would already know which people should not remain alive.
    Jehovah's immigration (from the Old system into the New by resurrection) policy
    is as chaotic as the one the U.S. has with Mexico.

    Every plan of His has so many contingencies predicated on...on what?
    On human behavior knowing in advance the outcome.

    Allowing rebellious and insubordinate humans to run rampant and allowing them to BREED is the very thing that brought about the infestation humanity suffers from the point in history EDEN was sealed off.

    Allowing all the corruptions in order to cull a few "worthy" worshippers is a real head-scratcher, at least to my way of reckoning.
    Billions suffer and die and the very few survive: hardly an efficient plan, eh?
    According to JWs, it is Jehovah who has insecurity about His reputation according to...

    To what? According to what weak, sinful, imperfect humans may THINK of Him.
    Or what else? The majority opinion 2/3 of angelic beings. It's all a contest as in the book of JOB.
    That's simply simple-minded.

  • waton

    Terry, May be the bible deity, is encouraging research. Because you , rightly show, that the whole show raises more questions than give satisfactory answers.

    evildoers in paradise again. resurrected for judgement. victims of evil doers again to prove that even perfect persons can sin.

  • Terry

    And then again ...
    There might not be a "there" there to find.

    I think of Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounter of the Third Kind, at the dinner table with his family, piling up and sculpting a heap of mash potatoes saying, "THIS MEANS something ..."

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