Just how much of a dramatic FLOP is this NEW LIGHT?

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  • Terry


    Your opinion, please, on the above video.

    1. BEFORE Jesus, humans were judged either by the LAW (Jews and converts) or by natural Law (Noahide Law). Death wiped clean those sins." 2. With the arrival of Jesus, FAITH in Christ's sacrifice was the basis for sin forgiveness. 3. The war of the great day of God Almighty (Armageddon) punishes non-faithful (even reprobate so-called "Christians" by execution on the spot. 4. The heavenly Bride is resurrected to heaven if previously deceased; those alive are translated to heaven instantly. The faithful live through Armageddon as a thousand-year renewal begins. NOW comes the time period of CONTENTION opinion-wise: during the 1000 years. DEATH wiped clean previous sin. Why resurrect already dead people who paid that debt if they just die again in a new judgment? The previous doctrine clarified (?) this by saying "at any point" during the 1,000 years as a gradual renewing to perfection took place - a rebellious sinner would be executed summarily. By this act "it could be seen" as "theirs was a resurrection to death" because of the new sin. Feasibly this would NOT happen because Satan was locked away with his demons until the end of the renewal period. No Tempter to provoke sin, you see. When Satan and his horde are let loose..." for a short time"...in the New Eden (on earth) humanity (now unburdened by Adam's inherited sin, are on their own for a FINAL TEST. ANY who succumb to new temptation is destroyed in Final Judgment forever. The above is how I recall the Doctrinal understanding. (I have been out of the JW's since 1979, so I could be missing something.)

    Jesus was making the point (Geoffrey Jackson said) that humans are JUDGED
    on their past sins and NOT what they do during the 1000 Year reign (in which nobody does a vile deed). Well, this is where the confusion begins (for me).

    Who has a thought on the matter?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    Of there is no sin on the 1000 years because of no temptation how did angels get tempted before the flood.?

    If I make it into paradise I may well be tempted by a strawberry blonde. I will have greater ability. Do we get a spear through "there"?

    I don't know if these guys need to drink more or less.

  • Ding

    I thought WT doctrine (based on a mistranslation of Romans 6:7) was that people's deaths acquit them of their past sins (the sins they committed in this life) and that those who make into into the 1000 year kingdom will only be judged on the basis of what they do during that kingdom rule. People will die during the millennial kingdom and there will be a final rebellion at the end, so quite a few of them will be doing vile things, right?

    Sometimes I wonder if the GB understand what they have been teaching for decades.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Maybe someone figured out the old light didn't make sense. Under the old light, best if you killed yourself now before Armageddon so you could be sure to be resurrected. If all 7.8 billion people on the planet would have believed the Watchtower gospel, and drunk the WTS coolaid, virtually all of mankind would have been given a chance at life eternal. Still if you have not committed suicide by Armageddon, your death will count for nothing anyway. Still better die now than later I suppose.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I'm sure there'll be a lot of confused PIMI's, it can't be just us noticing this. There'll be the usual WT study article based on this talk, but they might add some more information and caveats and make it seem like that's what they always meant to say.

  • carla

    I am not familiar with the guy in the video but thought he did a good job explaining.

    I never understood when a jw would say the their death wiped out their sins, then you have no need for Jesus and His work upon the Cross? my jw and elders could not answer that for me and just changed the subject or claimed they were not sinners or 'intentional' sinners. Somehow they understood that everybody falls short but they didn't equate that with 'sin' in their minds. jw's may fall short but heck, not falling down in the gutter like the guy over there! Thank you Lord I am not like those sinners over there! -jw mantra, in my opinion.

  • carla

    Vanderhoven, I remember a news story a number of years back that two young jw brothers (under age 13 if memory serves) did in fact kill themselves so they would be assured to be resurrected, they were afraid the big A would come before they died and had no assurances they would be found good enough to make it into paradise earth.

  • IWant2Leave

    Like all "new light", it will eventually burn out!!! Most P.I.M.I. Jw's aren't really into doctrine anymore. I listen to them and watch them nod their heads when an adjustment is made, not even thinking of the decades that they believed something totally different. Some don't even know what current beliefs are on certain scriptures. A few will wake up, once it's in print what was really said, and they can read and re-read and think.

    I had a convo with my wife, telling her that the understanding that I have from reading Romans 6:23 is that the result (wages) of sin is death, not that death absolves one of sin. If this were the case, Jesus' sacrifice would not have been necessary. Just check out before the Big A, and you got a ticket to Paradise.

  • asp59

    JWs dont read there bible or Watchtower that much this days. There not much interest in " the new light" They mostly copy and past when writing letters ( preaching) . They know most people wont read information on the letters anyways. People or not that much for reading biblical information. They prefer watching a vĂ­deo.

  • waton

    The commentator twisted the words of Jackson, who said nobody will be ALLOWED to sin, whereas the comment dealt with the idea they will be UNABLE to sin. toward the end he used the words interchangeably.

    wt old light mis applied the Isaia 65 wt idea, that the centenarian sinner will die looking perfect, like a young boy, to refer to evil doer in the millenium facing execution. . ( new light is, that Isaiah 65 applies to the returned exiles only.)

    BTW: I found it always odd, that people could sin with impunity all this life, fearing no consequences any more than a new born baby dying, or any lifelong devout blameless do gooder.

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