Disfellowshipped Brother Gives Public Talk in Kingdom Hall

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  • Sanchy
    That was amazing
  • Ding

    All he did was read some scriptures and encourage the hearers to believe what they say.

    A cardinal sin when you consider that the message he was supposed to deliver amounted to "we submit to God's rulership today by obeying the faithful and discreet slave without question..."

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    As a person who always paid attention and listened to what was being said, I recall hearing a number of talks that struck me immediately as not very "JW-ish" but very "Christian-ish". Even when I was fully in, these were always the best--probably because they created less cognitive dissonance than talks that featured the Old Testament. In the liberal area I grew up in, I doubt this talk would have been shut down --maybe a few raised eyebrows or "counsel" afterward for the brother to stick closer to the outline.

    Unfortunately, when awake or more liberal JW elders do this, I think it just pulls doubters back into the ranks. If you want to wake people up, be a by-the-book, Old Testament lovin', WT rule quoting and enforcing elder. Who do you think wakes more people: Anthony Morris III on a rant or Mark Sanderson delivering a kind and balanced talk on brotherly love?

    Just a thought....I know I would have woken a lot sooner if I hadn't been raised by loving and liberal JWs and grown up surrounded by liberal JWs. I woke as an adult when we moved to another area and the congregation was loaded with controlling, judgmental, meddling by-the-book elders and elderettes....and then the tight pants and colored socks talk...that was it for me.

  • Irishdub


  • StephaneLaliberte
    Eyesopenheartbroken: Unfortunately, when awake or more liberal JW elders do this, I think it just pulls doubters back into the ranks.

    I think you're right. However, by stopping that talk in the middle, I am sure that this has triggered some serious questions in the minds of many in attendance.

  • Hecce

    I think that he was stopped not due to his material, maybe someone in the audience tip off the elders as to the fact that he was DF.

  • SAHS

    I try to always include some poignant information and thoughts in the comments I give, especially during the Sunday Watchtower study. I often bring up past teachings and policies of the Watch Tower organization, especially regarding Joseph Franklin Rutherford.

    Of course, I have to be really careful when speaking into the microphone when it gets passed to me, as I sit with my parents who have been Jehovah’s Witnesses almost all of their lives. (They’re now in their late 70s.)

    I feel that I should try to say things in my comments to subtly wake people up. You know, plant a seed.

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