Jehovah’s witnesses and having kids

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  • Addison0998

    In my area, a lot of young people don’t want to have kids. They get married young from 18-22 years old, and think that they know how they’re going to feel the rest of their lives about having children, (which they think will be never). I respect people who don’t want to have kids, there are good reasons not to, but I think it’s foolish at a young age to think you will NEVER think differently for the rest of your life. Me and my fiancé can’t wait to start a family, and we get a lot of crap and judgment for it. Oh, why would you want to have children when there is so much to do in Jehovah’s organization -_-, and the stupidest thing they say, “Aren’t you scared of the baby starts crying during Armageddon if we are in hiding?” Seriously?!? Jehovah’s witnesses are one of the only religions I’ve seen where people are against reproducing. I don’t know if witnesses are like this in all areas, but in quite a few areas I’ve been around, no body is keen on the idea of having a family. I feel really bad for them because a few of the girls I know actually do want to have kids, but them an they’re husbands agreed that they should “put Kingdom interest first” or “this world is too hard to raise children, especially since transgender people are allowed to use the opposite sex bathrooms nowadays”.” They are really going to be sad and bitter when they are in their 70s and have no family that they always longed for.

    Even when I was a believing witness, I didn’t see the big deal. It’s not like we live in a 3rd world country, we have free education, healthy food, transportation, and other things that make life easier. And about the whole Armageddon thing, I never thought Jehovah would have our backs and protect us during Armageddon.

    Like I said, I completely understand why some people don’t want to have kids, it’s just so annoying and weird the witness view point on it.

  • RolRod

    I always wanted to kids, my wife at the time told me she wanted kids too, turns out she lied. It took 7 years to have our first child and another to have our second. By the time we had kids we had already left the JW's. She regretted waiting so long, especially when she runs into childhood friends who are the same age as we are and are already empty nesters. We divorced after 25 years, I remarried.

  • Giordano

    There was a time when the Society argued about not having was presented as a good thing....... they weren't keen on getting married as it would interfere with the door to door work. Less so on getting married but firm on no children.

    The Society dreamed up crazy stuff to control their followers. Most of this crap was in the 1920's and 1930's and 1940's. This was a loony tunes a time when this was a religion picked by Jehovah to represent him.

    In their own words: "You will find valuable information in the older publications." Our Kingdom Ministry, Jan 1988, p. 7

    Let's see what they taught:

    “Vaccination never prevented anything and never will.......and it is the most barbarous practice. Use your rights as American citizens to forever abolish the devilish practice of vaccination which has never prevented smallpox any more then serum injection prevented typhoid......” Golden Age Oct. 21 1921

    “But the dog rabies vaccine imposition is the latest! When it has been shown conclusively that there is no such things as rabies! Vaccinations summed up is the most unhygienic, filthy and most dangerous system known............” Golden Age Jan. 1 1923

    “It has never been proven that a single disease is due to germs.......” Golden Age Jan. 16 1924 (this was a dozen years after medicine had proven bacteria and viruses caused most diseases).

    "The devilish practice of vaccination which has never prevented smallpox any more then serum injection prevented typhoid......” Golden Age Oct. 21 1921

    (Speaking about the resurrection after 1925 when there would be the start of the new world and no death....... the writer suggests the following in TWTP pg 228 on how to recruit decorators to redecorate the homes that would now be available.) “You will have secured the services of the best decorators you can find. Some of them used to be undertakers; but since there are no more people dying, they have to seek some new occupation. Their experience as undertakers prepared them to become decorators with very little difficulty.”

    “Pastor Russell....discussed the mysteries of.......mental telepathy, mind reading and women’s intuition.” Golden-Age Feb 15 1925 pg 332-3 (referring to a much earlier time)

    (After maintaining that there would be ‘no slip ups’ about the importance of 1925 the Society tells those who were greatly disappointed that ) “Some anticipated that the work would end in 1925..................The difficulty was that the friends inflated their imagination beyond reason......” WT Aug 1 1926 pg 232

    ..........coolies (Orientals).....cutthroats and murderers...” Golden Age Mar 10 1926

    (the) 'Flood may have been caused by all of the other planets being on one side of the earth simultaneously. God may have inserted the “youngest” planet Neptune on the other side to act as a gravitational corrective to make sure it cannot happen again!’ Golden-Age Jun 16 1926 pg 583

    “Human footprints seven feet long found in California.” Golden-Age June 13 1926

    “Disease (is caused by) fermentation and heat.........not germs. GA Aug 25 1926

    “....current agitation over birth control (is evidence that) the ‘New Age’ is at hand.” GA Apr 7 1926

    “Air baths are good for preventing colds. What you do is strip naked mornings and evenings and then bob up and down for a while.” Golden-Age Feb 1926 pg 310

    Who could ask for better advice!

    Are you getting the impression these folks were ignorant nut cases?

    "Many have wondered how accidents would be avoided during Christ's kingdom, since we are told that nothing shall then hurt or destroy. Most accidents are due to gravitation and its effects. Falling from airplanes... etc., may be avoided by an individual negative gravity device.

    "Scientists tell us that there is enough atomic energy in a finger-nail to propel a battleship. The people of the future may carry a little of this energy around with them, and if they fall down an elevator shaft they can let themselves down easy. Then they can turn a little more on and go back up. ... No danger of falling down stairs then." - Golden Age, March 24, 1926, p. 404.

    For those of you still in............. this is your own it!"

  • skin

    “Aren’t you scared of the baby starts crying during Armageddon if we are in hiding?”

    Whenever we are doing renovations around the house, my JW wife is always looking for places to hide watchtower propaganda for when we come under ban... The fear that WT insert into peoples brains to keep them locked into this religion is shocking. "For when we come under ban". and its a real event that is going to happen, so they think in their heads.

  • truth_b_known

    You can't have it both ways.

    Do you believe that were a soooo close to "the end"? Is Armageddon "right around the corner"? If you truly have the faith, live that way.

    Of course they won't live that way. Because they truly do not believe.

    Sometimes it's alright to give up. However, if you're going to give up, do it all at once. Don't give up in small increments.

  • pale.emperor

    Giordano, thanks for that list of quotes. I've been sat here at my desk laughing my head off!

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Of course, this attitude is not new, it goes way back to Rutherford’s crazy ideas. When my wife became pregnant in 1974, she was actually told by a 60 odd year old sister that it was a wicked thing to bring a child into the world at this time. My wife was 27 at the time and was deeply hurt by this, particularly as this sister had already had her children, who were now in their 20s and 30s. I feel very sorry for all those who have put their faith in the Watchtower prophecies and gone through life childless because of it.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my born-in dub wife didnt want kids, she told me one day that sister so-and-so had died as a result of choking on the afterbirth.

    she suddenly changed her mind about starting a family--telling me she thought her father would like a grand child.

    she is still a dub. well suited to it.

  • Lynnie

    My uber dub cousin got married at around 28 or so and he was a pioneer and so was his new wife. Well apparently they didn't know how birth control works because she was pregnant before their first year of marriage which surprised everyone since they were so devoted to pioneering and he was one of the youngest elders appointed in the "new arrangement." And apparently they didn't figure it out again when their second daughter was born about a year or so later after the first one. They had a third girl a couple of years later and then she decided to get her tubes tied since they couldn't seem to figure it out otherwise! LOL Lack of sex ed for sure!

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    I have no problem with people wanting kids, it's their life, their choice.

    But for me and all my friends including my girlfriend who was never a JW, we don't want kids. For what, kids are selfish. You spend 25 years raising them up and they leave to have their own life and families and will visit you once in a while and most of the time just to ask for money. I've seen adult children in their 40s and 50s asking their parents for money because of some stupid mistake they made, and poor parents they always give in,

    And I say this with authority because I am still a kid just starting my twenties and I am selfish with my time and my life.But I never ask my parents for anything anymore. Instead I help them out from time to time.

    My girlfriend and I want to enjoy the only life we feel we will get and we don't want to spend some 40 years taking care of kids. Or worse, what if the child is born with some of the hundreds of medical conditions that happen every year, that will need constant care for the rest of their lives? I've seen this and it's not pretty.

    I am making money with three businesses that I started about three years ago as a teen, I am already saving for retirement if I'm I am fortunate enough to live long, and I'm going to college part time getting a double major in business and science, and my girl friend is doing the same thing. I already have over 200k in a bank account, thanks to grandpa and grandma on my dad's side of the family who left me nice nest egg when they died. I bought a nice small house, cash, that needed some work and bought a nice used truck, -both cash using my business income and not my nest egg. So I'm in my beginning 20s and have no rent, only property taxes, no car payment, so all my cash goes into the bank until I learn how to invest. which is why I am going to school.

    Am I afraid I am going to die alone? Of course not, everyone dies alone, unless both husband and wife die together in an accident. Do I need someone to hold my hand when I die? Of course not. I'm trying to enjoy my life as much as possible so I have no regrets and I can die with a smile.

    I'm not afraid of dying and I don't get lonely. Also the truth is that there are lots of people who are waiting to be friend-ed. You keep the good one and discard the bad ones.

    Most people my age don't want kids. We've seen how most children put a strain on their parents till death. In fact, by the time the kids are ready to leave, most parents can't wait till they get out of the house. But worse is when kids NEVER LEAVE HOME.

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