Leah Remini (Scientology expose' series) "May turn attention to Jehovah's Witnesses next"

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    They may touch on them, but honestly the "powerful" comment has me concerned. We all know how easy it will be for JWs to write off anything overly theatrical or sensational as "apostate lies".

    JWs do not have power over anything at all.......unless that thing was baptized when it was 11.

  • TerryWalstrom

    My "sources" tell me A&E has been approached by activists and a plethora of hard evidence and documentation has been laid before the powers that be. I'm sure the part about child molestation is a motivating factor.
    This headline (see O.P.) might be a carefully designed trial balloon to see what sort of reaction is forthcoming to gauge the magnitude of interest.
    There is no end to the personal testimonies available to sift through and find the most presentable and compelling ones for presentation.
    I think there is probably more latent interest in Jehovah's Witness than we might, at first, imagine due to the fact EVERYBODY has had an encounter with JW's in their life and has undoubtedly wondered what "all that" is about.
    Scientologists don't knock on your door. You go to them. I've actually met few other people who intimately knew a Scientologist or even met one.
    One of my best friends in California during the 10 years I lived there (1974 -- 1984) was a devoted Scientologist, Mark Groseclose (fill-in drummer for the Beach Boys, and painter, T-shirt designer).
    Mark talked non-stop about all things Scientology. I accompanied him to the Celebrity Center in downtown Hollywood where I was given a tour and I took an introductory lecture while there.
    The other Scientologist I knew and had dealings with was a celebrity photographer, Dick Zimmerman, who kept his "religion" on the quiet.
    He photographed just about every magazine cover and album there was in the late 70's. He did a Michael Jackson album (THRILLER). (Zimmerman said he loaned Michael his clothes for the shoot.)
    I was in the same room with (but was not introduced to) Tom Cruise's 1st wife (she pulled him to the religion) Mimi Rogers.

    There are a few celebrity Jehovah's Witnesses to speak of and I'm sure much juicy speculation can be milked about Michael Jackson and Prince. There's also Mickey Spillane, (who nobody will ever remember), Actress Theresa Graves (Get Christie Love), the macho chick from the TV Show LOST, Michelle Rodriguez has repudiated her JW youth. (https://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/michelle-rodriguez#_)
    Supposedly, there are about 15 celebrity ex-JW's who will say bad things. I guess this list might well include some of them:

  • sparrowdown

    The value in these types of shows is they open the eyes of the general public to the fact that these religions are not as benign or harmless as they might think are and to give a voice to the individuals and families who have been burned by them.

    They serve as a warning to the public rather than a wake up call to members. If they turn the heat up and the spotlight on the harmful practices of the group it's served purpose ie warning the avergage punter to steer clear and also alerts people like teachers, drs, lawyers, counselors who have to deal with JWs. If activism is only ever directed towards the indoctrinated themselves we 'll never get anywhere.

  • LongHairGal


    I also wonder what stake she has in the JW religion and if she's just doing it to be charitable. If she does do it though, I hope to see well-spoken ex-JWs proud to show themselves.


    I agree with you and the "powerful" part made me laugh.


    It's true that shows like this are basically to warn the public that these religions are not benign. As far as most members in these religions, nothing will make them budge at this point.

    It's also good that professional people are alerted as to what these religions are all about.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    My wife and I just started watching Leah's Scientology documentary and the whole time, I'm thinking to myself "I wish this little Spitfire would find out about JW's". I would love to see her approach a literature cart or go toe to toe with Stephen Lett.

    She's a tough cookie with a heart of gold. She'd be pissed if she heard about the "child molestation" cases, all the deaths of children and adults, from lack of blood and the break up of families caused by JW policy.

    If we could all write to her from our various parts of the world, and give her a nutshell version of our story, she might realize the magnitude of what is going on with JW's. She, having grown up in closed society run by a high control group, would immediately recognize and understand what we're going through.

    Does anyone know how to contact her?

  • JRK

    Old news.


  • stuckinarut2

    The more publicity the better!

  • Phoebe

    There are enough heart breaking stories in exJW land for Leah to be interested. I've come across many on Facebook and in the comments on Youtube. I just hope if she does it, she'll go to those people. The people that make you cry when you hear how they were treated. They are the testimonies the world should see. Not the celebs.

  • Moster

    Simon - not sure about this, but I just noticed that the Church of Scientology is advertising on your site at the top of this subject (or is it my web browser)? Not sure, but here is the link:

    Leah Remini's Father Speaks - The Truth About Leah Remini
    Watch exclusive video interview with Leah Remini's father. leahreminiaftermath.com
  • flipper

    " Please dear Jehovah, in the name of Leah Remini & Mike Rinder please make this happen. Amen " Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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