Leah Remini (Scientology expose' series) "May turn attention to Jehovah's Witnesses next"

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  • TerryWalstrom


    Remini said that she was warned of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that 'these f----rs are super powerful,' but is not one to cower in fear.

    'Are you ready for my response?' she said. 'I don’t give a s--- about powerful. The truth is what I care about.'

  • KiddingMe

    Thanks for sharing. This could get interesting, I've been watching Leah Remini's show sometimes playing the same episode I've already watched when my family is around so they hear and possibly subconsciously take notice of some of the similarities. They usually have looks on their faces as if to say those people are crazy but they dont take a deep enough interest to sit down and watch.

    But every now and then I will over hear my husband discussing a point with someone else about how crazy scientology is. He loved watching King of Queens. I'm curious how he may react if she turns her attention to JW's.

  • LV101

    She's the best -- I love her and I heard the 'Kevin Can Wait' show was a failure without her on it.

    She won't believe the JWs!

  • Moster


    However the Scientology stuff is more dramatic - camps for kids, abandoning your children for others to raise, sea org - holding people hostage, smear campaigns, standing outside your home and business yelling falsehoods at you etc. If they do a program on the JW's, it will seem pretty mild compared to the Scientology programs.

    Not sure how much viewer interest there would be - but perhaps enough for a single episode. I would love it if she did do an episode or two though.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Please God let this happen 🙏

  • LV101

    Since JWs are a group that hound people (or used to) on their own, private, property, maybe TV viewers will be inclined to take notice.

    I'm sure Scientology is very bad and thank goodness for brave ones like Leah Remini but the JW blood doctrine and shunning/suicide rates are unreal.

    It's amazing the non JWs who watched the TV show about the JW pedophile problems -- thank you Barbara Anderson and all others who are brave -- I missed the show but was certainly informed about it. Too bad that show isn't aired weekly!

  • TerryWalstrom

    We should collectively create a list of outrageous JW beliefs, behaviors, policies, hurtful coercions, mind control examples and whatnot that would appeal to a broad audience.

    We can't just leave it as crazy beliefs one through a hundred. All religions could create such a list.
    And we can't really expect people to care too much about how Russell treated his wife or sold Miracle Wheat or how Rutherford drove two 16 cylinder Cadillacs and drank too much.

    The human interest side of things is what puts a real emotional stigma on these bastards. The Awake! cover more or less bragging about kids who died refusing blood transfusion is closer to home.

    German Bibleforscher (Bible Students) who ended up in Concentration Camps because Rutherford wanted his books distributed even if people died is more like what shocks public awareness.

    I'm sure with all of us working on it--we could present quite a laundry list of talking points episodes could build around. There have been many victims over a century, like stacks of bodies, whose stories must be told.


  • sparrowdown

    Maybe if a smart sassy non-JW with no JW family handles an expose of the borg she won't be hampered by a fear of upsetting them or triggering their "persecution complex" which seems to plague many a ex-jw.

  • LV101

    You're right about points that should be covered and there's so many talented writers onboard here - like you, Terry! Wasn't it ole Rutherford who sent a letter to Hitler taking sides with him against the Jewish population - something like that. That's unreal, but I think the pedophile issue (Barbara Anderson has a plethora of horrifying details) and the blood doctrine -- how they shun and force people to conform to fit in - no education, they use the welfare system to receive benefits so they have time to work in the ministry.

    A program about the negatives of Watchtower would take many sessions.

  • jws

    I wonder how much JWs are currently following her Scientology show. On the one hand, it would have been something that JWs I know would have been interested in. They love to hear bad news about other religions. On the other, it's like them in so many ways. I wonder if they'd notice the similarities and stop watching.

    Secondly, are the JWs really that powerful? To outsiders? Scientologists, yes. They sue over everything. They have hordes scouring the internet to purge bad things about them.

    I think the JWs are tame in comparison.

    And why would she turn her attention to JWs? What stake does she hold with them? Oh, I could see an episode of her show devoted to other such religions like Mormons or JWs. But I don't see it going multiple episodes.

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