May 1 2018 my Ayahuasca Experience

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  • John Free
    John Free
    I will never bring up this subject again. Forgive me for mentioning something that might expands one's conscience

    No need to take it so personally when people disagree with you. You are allowed to have unusual views.

    thought this was a place that people were looking for real answers. Maybe I was wrong maybe it's a place that people can just complain about the nature of things and condemn things they nothing about.

    Really? Here of all places? Trying to guilt trip people into investing more of their time exploring unusual/weird views is an obvious trick isn’t it?

    Perhaps simply googling ‘Ayahuasca deaths’ is all most people need to do to realise they wish to waste no more time considering Ayahuasca. It’s not ‘narrow minded’ to run for the hills when you see the warning signs.

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