Fire Over England.

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  • Englishman

    OK, I took some liberties using John Masefields famous book title. However, it is incredibly hot here in the UK right now with temperatures around 90f.

    Generally, the UK is a coldish to temperate sort of climate. Air conditioning is comparitively rare simply because there's not usually much need for it. Summer temperatures are generally in the low 70's. However, all that is changing as we go through one of those rare UK events - The Heat Wave.

    It's perfectly possible, that for the first time on record, temperatures could go over 100. WoW!

    This is what the Daily Mirror has to say:

    It's a scorcher!

    15:59, Aug 4 2003

    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain may blaze a trail into the record books this week with temperatures threatening to top the 37.1 degrees Celsius (98.8 Fahrenheit) all-time record high.

    Forecasters pointed to Tuesday or Wednesday as the most likely days for a new record and said the country would enjoy one of hottest Augusts ever.

    "There is the potential there to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 Celsius)," a spokesman for the Meteorological Office told Reuters on Monday.

    "There is certainly a chance of a record on Tuesday or Wednesday -- but it's only around a 10 percent chance."

    Britain's all-time top temperature is 37.1 degrees Celsius recorded in Cheltenham on August 4, 1990.

    The spokesman said temperatures of 35 and 36 degrees Celsius were very likely this week, but added: "Getting that extra degree to make a new record may be pushing it a bit."

    Bookmakers said they had been "inundated" with heat-related bets and had shortened the odds of the temperature reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 10 to one from 12 to one.

    "This is the news we have been dreading," said a spokeswoman for bookies William Hill. "We are already looking at a pay-out of over 100,000 pounds."

    Sun-seekers flocked to beaches over the weekend. The resort at Bournemouth beach on the south coast had hired out all of its 3,500 deckchairs by 10.00 a.m.

    Forecasters also predicted widespread absence from work during the week with employees "pulling sickies" to enjoy the fine weather.

    "I'd be tempted to pull a sickie -- especially in London," the Met office spokesman said. "It's going to be quite humid and sultry and unpleasant for travelling to and from work -- although air-conditioned offices will be some of the best places to be."


    Here comes the Sun!


  • Ravyn

    I am telling you---it is a conspiracy. read my weather control thread. scary stuff.


  • Hamas

    Why is it that everytime there is slightly hot weather the press and media hype it up as the 'hottest day ever'.

    It gets boring when you hear it more than 20 times.

    The weathermen have gone overboard ever since they predicted 'light winds' years ago and we recieved hurricanes in return.

    ....It is very nice though ! Don't you just love summer ?!?

  • tinkerbell82

    98 degrees an all-time high?!?! jeez i need to move to england...week before last we had temperatures of 104 and up ALL week!!

    i think it's a sign of armageddon....the end is nigh!!!

  • Simon

    It's not even raining in Manchester ... surely, the end can't be far off now.

  • zev

    welcome to our usual weather here in RI.

    90 degrees F

    95% humidity

    like being in a warm shower all day every day.

  • JH

    Just curious, do you use Farenheit or Celsius in England. Since we call it the english system, do you also use gallons or litres now. And I guess you don't use the pounds anymore but the Euros.

    It was weird when we passed from the english to the metric system many years ago, but one thing that still is weird is how we measure tires. We use a combination of Metric and English.

    Example: 17570R15 tire would mean here in Canada:

    175 millimeters wide

    70 means 70% of the width of the tire becomes the height of the rubber above the hole.

    R means radial

    15 means 15 inch hole

    How do you measure tires in England?

  • Simon

    We have a mix of imperial and metric measurements - we have half heartedly adopted the european system.

    So, we buy petrol (gas) by the litre but think of the price in gallons and drive in miles and think of miles per gallon.

    We have to buy wood in metric but ask for 2-by-2 (inches) and the guy knows what you mean ('cause if you say 150mm he mutters "oh, 2-by-2")

    Distances to junctions are in Yards and roadsigns are in Miles (and limits in MPH)

    We buy fruit in Lbs and Ozs but the prices are in Kg and grammes.

    Lots of beaurocratic nonsense ... like market stalls that are not allowed to sell '1 lb of bananas' but must instead sell 0.45793 Kgs

  • Elsewhere

    Yep... this is it... the end is almost here! Better get your butt to the KH pronto and confess all your sins to the elders and beg for them to let you back in the bOrg!!!

  • searchfothetruth

    Well I'm looking forward to my drive down to Southampton tomorrow.

    Staying at the Holiday Inn.

    Hope the weather stays like this, it'll take being stuck on the M6 easier to deal with.

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