Stepping out of the shadows

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  • smiddy

    Welcome Contramundum

    I can understand you no rocking the boat with your mum at this stage , no point.

    Welcome to the board by the way and take your time in your fade .

    Don`t be too trusting with your " friends in the truth" it may surprise you how many want to gain browny points by outing some brother or sister to the body of elders , just be aware,

    take care


  • RichardHaley
    Welcome aboard contramundum, lots of good advice here. Isn't it nice just to stay home and enjoy the TV or the garden... same here. Everyone's situation is a bit difference. I mostly just ignore comments from still-iners... but I do have a couple of favorite responses I use occasionally. "I'm just a slacker" or "I did my tour of duty,taking some time off, how 'bout you?" I have been in the same location for 30 years and do not plan on moving so every once in a while there will be a confrontation. "I don't care to talk about that now, maybe some other time..." works well in that case. Hope everything go well for you.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Hello welcome tell them you have chronic fatigue and are feeling abit burnt out tired and feeling down due to the state of this "system of things so near the end."

    Works every time.

  • steve2

    Welcome Contra! Wow- you've touched a note with so many. My parents, mother in particular, were dedicated Witnesses to their individual deaths from old age. We had a strict understanding: No trying to convert one another!

    Trying to make a dedicated parent open their eyes is a dangerous thing to do.

    Back right off that one and hope your dear mother accepts your "reasons" for staying away from the organization. I hope she realises in time this is not a rejection of her as a parent.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello Contra Mundum--welcome to the site. Good username !

    are you able to tell us what country youre in ?

    male or female ?

    elder ? m/s ?

    My eyes are now wide open - I found things which have appalled me and left me feeling extremely let down and disappointed by people I had really trusted.

    can you discuss this ?

  • KateWild

    Welcome Contra,

    You say you talk about family when you respond.

    Do your kids and spouse miss meetings too with you?

    Welcome to the board.....I hope you keep your loved ones as friends when you leave

    Take care

    Kate xx

  • Gorbatchov

    We took the same path. It took us 5 years, faded without much problems. Family is still talking and hanging arround with us. We don't talk about "the truth". We are attending memorial to keep it simple...



  • Lieu

    Welcome! No need to lie. If anyone inquires just say you're taking some "me time" for theocratic/spiritual reflection, ALONE; like Christ did (on several occasions).

    Use the 'we need to take time and actually meditate on what we learn' mantra.

    WTBTS bombards everyone with gobs of material every meeting, every week, to the point no one has time to actually think about any of it. It's done purposefully to take up so much of an adherents time that they have no opportunity to actually understand or *gasp* think about what's being taught.

  • Divergent
    I did a fade without any explanation. Ignored all messages + calls & refused any visits from elders. People automatically assumed that I was busy with my work
  • redpilltwice
    Welcome to the forum! 40+ years? Wow, the shock must have been BIG, but you DID IT, congrats! Maybe your mum isn't ready yet, but some real critical thinking can rear up any given time in this information era, just have patience and guard yourself against emotional backlash.

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