Kingdom Hall Master Plan. - letter - Consolidation.

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  • Lostandfound

    In Britain branch British Congregations Memorandum of Constitution ,forced on congs in 97, makes ownership of KH clear, if cong exists and uses Hall it held by The Kingdom Hall Trust, if cong merged, dissolved or otherwise ceases to exist as it was the Title is held by,...guess who, The Watchtower! They can sell it over the heads of any paper holding deed owners locally as a signed and verified copy of the Memorandum counts as title for any sale.

  • eyeuse2badub

    When ever I get a chance, I bring up this subject;

    "Less KH's now needed"'

    the jw's I still hang with repeat the canned response is, "Isn't it wonderful how jehober has helped the org to see the need to fully utilize the existing kh's!" So I respond, "If only we could fill the 220 seats in our kh with the 120 jw's in our area" lol

    just saying!

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